Where to Find Retro Vinyl Record Players (for the Time Travelers)

The other day, someone noticed my vinyl record player and asked if I’m an audiophile. The answer is no, I’m not an expert with an ear for appreciating nuances of sound. What I am is a time traveler.

I listen to vinyl records because they make me feel like I’m back at my grandma’s house in the ’90s when she introduced me to the greats: Elvis, The Beach Boys, Nat King Cole, Trini Lopez, and the love of her life, Engelbert Humperdinck.

Here she is: Humperdinck’s all-time biggest fan (aka Grandma Julie).

My grandma, LaVerne "Julie" Johnson, Engelbert Humperdinck's all-time biggest fan

So, for my fellow time travelers, I wanted to share some places where you can find retro record players to enjoy all your favorite oldies in style.

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Vinyl Record Players

If you’re hoping to find a vintage record player, check out your neighborhood estate sales and antique stores. With some repairs, maybe you can make an old turntable sing again.

We found our record player on Craigslist, spruced it up with a new belt and connected it to our Sonos speakers. It sounds beautiful!

There are also lots of new vinyl record players available these days, often with built-in speakers ready to play all your faves. Here are some cuties on Amazon.

Suitcase Record Players

For vintage charm, you can’t beat these suitcase-style record players. They come in every mid-century color imaginable.

Crosley suitcase record player

Crosley Suitcase

Suitcase vinyl record player

Retrolife Suitcase

Crosley vinyl record player

Crosley Cruiser Plus

Victrola record player

Victrola Suitcase

Record Tables

These table-style record players have gorgeous tapered legs, which are removable if you prefer a tabletop look. The tweed appearance and wood grain are taking us back to the ’60s.

Table record player

Victrola Record Table

Record table

Crosley Record Table

More Record Players

There are also options with separate speakers. Keep the ’50s alive with cherry red and chrome, or opt for a modern look with the highly rated Fluance turntable.

Record player with speakers

Digitnow With Speakers

Red and chrome vinyl record player

Victrola ’50s Style

Fluance turntable

Fluance Turntable

Vinyl Records

After you’ve set up your record player, it’s time to start collecting some vinyl! I love the sound of the original decades-old albums with the occasional crackles just like Grandma’s had, so antiques are my preference.


Goodwill and other thrift stores often have records for just a few dollars apiece. Sometimes there are special sets priced a bit higher, like this incredible Nat King Cole collection I found for $15.

Nat King Cole Golden Library Collection vinyl records

Pull out the records and give them a quick inspection before purchasing. Make sure they match the cover and don’t have any deep scratches. With pre-owned, there’s a chance that you’ll get a scratched record, but for the low price it’s probably worth the risk. I have found lots of nostalgic records this way.

Antique stores seem to be a bit more expensive but might have a better selection of your favorite classic artists.


When you have a specific record in mind that you can’t find pre-owned, new might be the way to go. Many old records have been re-released and are available on Amazon and elsewhere.

I’ve noticed some uber popular bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys are harder to find in thrift stores, so I bought them new. Must haves!


The best records are the ones with a personal history that get passed down through your family.

Playing an old vinyl on my record player


You might also like some of these accessories to fix up your record player and keep your albums in great shape. Enjoy your trip through time!

Vinyl record cleaning kits

Record Cleaning Kits

Record slipmats


Calibration scales

Calibration Scales

Turntable belts

Turntable Belts


Turntable Preamps

Record cabinet

Record Cabinets

Where to find retro style record players
Where to find retro record players

6 thoughts on “Where to Find Retro Vinyl Record Players (for the Time Travelers)”

  1. I love that your grandma introduced you to all the “greats” from my era…The Beatles, the Beach boys, Elvis…did she ever play 4 Seasons for you? (I know you would like their songs..my favorite is Rag Doll.) I had the turntable one in my bedroom when I was a teenager and played all the “greats” all the time! I had alot of 45’s too. (Now we have no idea where our records are….buried away somewhere here.(eyeroll). (Now we have all our “greats” on our stick we plug in (one in the house and one for the car and listen to them daily while we are sitting here stitching.) Portland used to have that music store downtown with old albums..is it still there? Love it that you enjoy the old style record player..you are truly a “vintage” girl!!

    • Thanks, Judy! I love playing my old records. 🙂 I don’t remember if my grandma ever played the Four Seasons for me, but I bet she did because I remember liking them from a young age! I do think that old record store is still there, and probably several new stores too since the last time you were downtown. It’s nice that vinyls have come back into popularity so there are lots of new and used options out there now!

  2. Hey Tara, this is a fun post. When I was a little kid, Grandma Betty had a suitcase player pretty similar to the Victrola pictured above. I don’t remember what she had to play on it, but I’m sure the library was pre-Beatles. Probably mostly from the 50s, when her daughters were in high school.

  3. I mean, who doesn’t love Engelbert Humperdinck? I have a Crosley suitcase record player that I have attached to three vintage speakers from eBay and Craigslist. And I have a lot of 1950s vinyl – including one of my favorites, a giveaway album from the local cleaners! (It cracked me up when I saw it, so I had to have it, but it has great tunes!)

    • So true, Engelbert is the best! That’s awesome, I bet your Crosley record player is adorable. Sounds like the perfect setup with the vintage speakers. And what a find at the cleaners! I love uncovering hidden treasures. 🙂


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