Vintage Posters for Instant Mid-Century Decor

Do you have a plain old wall in need of a decor boost? Frame and display a collection of vintage posters to add instant mid-century style.

Here’s a selection of retro travel, movie and kitty posters to consider. Click the links to see more.

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Vintage Travel Posters

The fonts, colors and scenes of vintage travel posters can add all the mid-century feels to your home. Pick a few to commemorate your favorite trips or dream about locales you’d like to visit someday.

Vintage poster of Seattle World's Fair 1962

Within the travel category, I have a soft spot for National Park posters. And you might be able to find vintage posters for your city or region, like this Seattle poster or the Portland options below.

Retro Palm Springs travel poster

Travel Posters

Vintage Grand Canyon National Park travel poster

National Park Posters

Vintage Portland, Oregon travel poster - See beautiful Portland from the sky!

Portland Posters

I also have a collection of vintage Disney posters all over the house. These are sometimes available in the parks, and you can always find versions of them online, too.

Classic Movie Posters

I know we’ve all seen this Rebel Without a Cause movie poster a million times, but it’s iconic. Level 10 angst happening here.

You can’t go wrong with one of these classics.

Vintage Rebel Without a Cause James Dean movie poster

Classic Movie Posters

Funny Face Audrey Hepburn movie poster

Audrey Hepburn Posters

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo movie poster

Hitchcock Posters

Who doesn’t love Audrey? Plus you can find lots of stylish Alfred Hitchcock posters with a mid-century look.

Lucille Ball Posters

Lucy gets her own category. I have a whole Lucy-themed craft room in my house and can’t get enough Lucy posters.

You could build your collection around the beloved I Love Lucy show, or some of her movies like The Long, Long Trailer.

I Love Lucy poster

I Love Lucy Posters

The Long, Long Trailer vintage movie poster

Lucy Movie Posters

Glamorous Lucille Ball poster

Glamorous Lucy Posters

There are also a lot of glamorous photos of the beautiful Lucille Ball. I love this side of her.

Vintage poster photograph of Lucille Ball

Cool Cat Posters

Every room needs cats, and posters are a great way to add them to your decor. Here are some fun options whether you prefer more mid-century, modern or vintage kitties.

Mid-century modern cats poster with retro shapes

Mid-Century Cat Posters

Vintage cat poster

Vintage Cat Posters

You might also like my roundup of mid-century modern cat art being made by artists today.

Poster Frames

Poster frames can be hard to track down in the right size or with a modern look.

I often pick this one by Craig Frames that comes in a variety of sizes and finishes, including a modern walnut. Click the dropdown menu in the listing to customize the size.

Walnut poster frame

Wood Poster Frames

Black poster frames

Black Poster Frames

Displaying Vintage Posters

It’s quick and easy to give any room a little update with vintage posters. And another idea? If you have the original blueprints for your home, put them on display.

Happy hammering!

Vintage posters for mid-century modern decor
Best vintage posters for mid-century modern decor

4 thoughts on “Vintage Posters for Instant Mid-Century Decor”

  1. WOW!! Lots of cool poster ideas! The kitty ones made me smile, especially the last one..that’s “Tara’s story”! lol. I went to the Seattle World’s fair so that brought back long ago memories. Audrey Hepburn was always my favorite actress (My favorite movies of her’s are Breakfast at Tiffany’s and My Fair lady.) And of course the “Lucy” posters (your Lucy craft room is a great tribute to her!) You have offered a great variety of poster ideas and frames ..also love the Disney ones and National Parks. Another awesome H & H blog for MCM wall decor!! : ) (Posters are cool decor because you can’t help but evoke memories when you look at them).

    • Thanks, Judy! It was fun picking out a variety of vintage posters to share here. That last cat poster isn’t my usual super modern style, but I had to include it because I loved the message so much! I might have to order that one! That’s cool you got to go to the Seattle World’s Fair. It is fun collecting posters to commemorate different memories, movies and cats. 🙂

  2. Really cool vintage posters. I especially love the old National Park posters. BTW, Alice and Patrick took me to that Seattle World’s Fair, when I was a wee baby.


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