Vintage Halloween Decor Guide

Halloween and vintage decor go together like black cats and witches, to make the spookiest of holidays extra special!

Over the years I’ve shared lots of vintage Halloween DIYs: painted pumpkins, haunted dolls and Halloween trees from cute to spooky.

Take a tour through my house to see it all, with links to the details below so you can implement your favorite ideas.

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Vintage Halloween Front Porch

Cute Painted Pumpkins

Painted pumpkins look great day and night, they last longer than jack o’lanterns, and you can be creative with lots of vintage designs.

I’ll show you the steps to paint pumpkins with mid-century cats, polka dots, moons, spiders and owls.

Cat, moon and stars painted on pumpkins for Halloween

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Witchy Card Wreath

This sparkly Sputnik card wreath gets overrun by witches every Halloween.

You can make it with wood dowels and alligator clips, then add old-timey witch postcards to give it a vintage Halloween makeover.

Vintage witch postcards on Halloween Sputnik wreath

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Retro Pumpkin Carving Stencils

To get the classic glow of jack o’lanterns, try these retro pumpkin carving stencils. You can print out Sputnik and mod cat designs for vintage style.

Sputnik jack o'lantern for retro Halloween

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I also love to dress up my porch in a large spider web with cozy outdoor seating, throw pillows and rugs. Check out the rest of my Halloween front porch decor here.

Halloween Trees

Shiny Brite Halloween Tree

Have you seen the adorable Shiny Brite Halloween ornaments? I needed an excuse to buy some, so I picked up a little black Halloween tree as the perfect backdrop for these cuties.

Vintage Shiny Brite Halloween ornament on a black Halloween tree

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Halloween Cone Trees

Halloween trees look best in groves. Make these cone trees with posterboard and festive fabric strips to accent your Shiny Brite tree.

Plus they are just meant to be with World Market’s darling haunted houses.

Decorative World Market haunted houses and Halloween trees in tabletop display

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Creepy Halloween Tree

For a scarier look, try using real branches to make a crooked Halloween tree lit up with flickering candle lanterns. I made this tree in a vintage urn planter to go with my haunted dolls.

Small Halloween tree with lanterns and spooky branches on a tabletop

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More Vintage Halloween Decor

Haunted Dolls

If you have a collection of antique dolls, Halloween is the perfect time to put them on display. Dress them in costumes like this witch, ghost and clown to add some tricks to your treats.

Closeup of the witch and clown dolls with the ghost doll

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Pumpkin Blow Mold

Break out the blow molds for a very vintage celebration. This little pumpkin was missing a light, but luckily it’s simple to install one.

Pumpkin blow mold lit up in a Halloween scene with haunted houses, cats and Halloween trees

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Autumn Cat Printables

Print out these mid-century modern kitties for instant autumn decor. With fall colors and pumpkins, these printables will transition your decor from summer to fall and still look good on Thanksgiving.

Fall decor for your wall - Mod cat in a pumpkin and kitties surrounded by autumn colors

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Felt Table Runner

Inspired by vintage Cathrineholm dishes, this orange and white table runner looks especially festive on Halloween. It’s easy to make with felt fabric and lotus stencils, with a sew or hot glue option.

And it pairs perfectly with an old-fashioned ceramic tree!

Halloween tree decor with Cathrineholm-inspired table runner

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Cat Wall Hangings

Finally, add more cats to your vintage Halloween decor. I put these antique cat wall hangings in frames displayed above my Halloween trees in the dining room.

Wooden vintage cats displayed on fabric in frames on wall

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Whether you go for painted pumpkins or retro jack o’lanterns, haunted dolls or spooky trees, I hope you have a happy vintage Halloween!

Vintage Halloween decorating ideas
Vintage Halloween decor guide

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  1. Awesome Halloween ideas!! Your house looks so festive and inviting! Love how every year you add new DIY decorations and ideas to add to the vintage fun!! Your video tour was great…and Charlie? Well, he’s the best assistant and helper!! ; )


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