How to Create a Tropical Gallery Wall for Your Tiki Bar

The tiki bar is open! I have lots of decor ideas to share with you, starting with how to set up a tropical gallery wall for island vibes.

Retro tiki bars are all about kitsch. So gather a mishmash of beachy items like seashells, fishing nets and mer-kitty decor (it’s a thing) to create this gallery wall.

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Tiki Bar Gallery Wall

Fishing Net Backdrop

First, your gallery wall needs a tropical backdrop. Many tiki bars have floor-to-ceiling bamboo, which looks amazing.

But if you’re not up for a big bamboo DIY project, consider fishing nets instead. They are quick and easy to hang on the wall, while still being unquestionably beachy.

Tiki bar loveseat and gallery wall

You can track down fishing nets in different colors and sizes, including huge authentic nets that have retired from their fishing days. Ocean smells included!

My nets are a little smaller and didn’t come with any fish smells. I hung two on the ceiling, and one on the gallery wall.

These command hooks are just the right size to hold up a fishing net, and they nearly disappear. I used three along the top of my net and two unevenly on the bottom for whimsy.

Tiki Bar Gallery Wall Art

Next start adding tiki art. The kitschier the better. Try arranging your pieces on the floor in front of the wall first to get the spacing and balance right.

You could frame some favorite prints, like this Enchanted Tiki Room poster. I’ve had this for years but couldn’t find the right frame, so I picked a basic frame and covered it in seashells using hot glue. Perfect!

Retro Disney Enchanted Tiki Room poster in tiki bar on gallery wall

I finally have a spot for my wine night painting that I’ve been holding onto.

I’ve also had my eye on the mid-century style mer-kitty prints by El Gato Gomez. This one is a mermaid cat drinking a martini, and my tiki bar couldn’t live without it.

Tiki bar gallery wall at night with romantic blue lighting and nautical string lights

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You could display starfish, seashells and tropical travel posters. Plus tiki masks are practically a requirement to make your tiki gallery wall feel legit.

Guitar (or Ukulele) Display

If you have any musical instruments lying around, they can make beautiful tiki art, too. My guitar collection needed a proper display.

Tiki bar lounge chair with guitars hanging on the wall
Macrame guitar holders hanging on wall in tiki bar

I found some gorgeous macrame guitar hangers on Etsy. They have a beachy boho style and fit right in at the tiki bar.

Floor guitar stands can also be helpful for displaying guitars or ukuleles for easy access.

Complete Tiki Bar Gallery Wall

Tiki bar gallery wall with fishing net, tropical art and tiki masks

I love how it turned out! It’s always nice to get art (and guitars) off the floor and on display.

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4 thoughts on “How to Create a Tropical Gallery Wall for Your Tiki Bar”

  1. Oh loving your Tiki Bar!! Awesome job on the gallery wall, musical display, everything!! It works!! Looks so welcoming and inviting!! As I was watching and listening to the video of putting together the wall hearing the music brought to mind Israel “IZ” singing Somewhere over the Rainbow and playing his uke. (have you ever listened to it? If not you should que it in and listen). Also reminiscent of Jimmy Buffet on the beach with a tropical libation!! So looking forward to visiting your tiki bar in person someday and enjoying a tropical drink! It looks wonderful and whimsical!!

    • Thanks Judy! Yes, we love IZ and Jimmy Buffett for sure! We’ve been playing some Hawaiian music and putting beach backgrounds up on the TV in the tiki bar. Even if we can’t really travel right now, at least we can travel to the tiki bar! 🙂

  2. Tara, that is so cool! Love the guitar hangers, and the overall chill vibe. In addition to Iz and Buffett, look into getting a couple Don Ho albums for authentic Hawaiian mid-century sounds.


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