10 Street of Dreams Decor Ideas You Can Easily Copy

If you’ve been on a Street of Dreams tour, you’re familiar with the over-the-top mansion living on display. I’m talking about big-screen TVs in the backyard, floor-to-ceiling refrigerated wine cellars, designer bathrooms with walk-in closets larger than my living room, and backyard golf putting greens (this year’s tour had two).

10 Street of Dreams Ideas You Can Easily Copy

While you may prefer living a little more simply, it’s always fun to see what’s new in interior design and get some inspiration to take home. I went to Portland’s 2018 Street of Dreams tour last weekend, and I wanted to share a few of the ideas that we can all recreate on a smaller scale.

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Geometric Wallpaper

Modern geometric wallpaper at the Street of Dreams

On the list of things I love most, the order is cats, margaritas, cake, and now this wallpaper. It has a grasscloth texture with a gold foil finish and modern rounded squares and stars. I think I tracked down the original geometric wallpaper here. You can order it in a set of 9 bolts.

For a smaller quantity and slightly different look, you might want to check out these other geometric wallpaper designs:

You could also take the DIY route and create this look with paint and a stencil. Hang a simple walnut-framed mirror on your wall and you’ve got the Street of Dreams look for an affordable price.

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Abstract Pillows

Abstract pillows at a Street of Dreams house

Who doesn’t love a good reading nook? This one has modern industrial vibes with a splash of mid-century color. You could recreate this look on any bench in your house by adding some fun pillows.

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Mid-Century Modern Bench

Mid-century modern bench at Portland's Street of Dreams

This bench caught my eye because it looks like one I’ve been thinking about buying for a while now. The clean lines and tapered legs are perfect for a mid-century house. You could even find a modern bench and add some of the throw pillows seen above to create your cozy reading nook.

Pretty Planter

Modern planter at Street of Dreams

A few years ago it was hard to find an affordable, modern planter. I looked. There’s never been a shortage of the $100+ modern planters, and they’re gorgeous, but when you’re a plant addict you need to be able to buy a lot of flower pots without going broke.

I’m pretty sure I’ve tracked down this exact Street of Dreams planter. They come in different colors and sizes, and you can probably buy a few of these and still pay your bills.

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Industrial Bookcase

Industrial bookcase at the Street of Dreams

The different cubby sizes in this industrial bookcase would make it fun to style. Here is a similar bookcase option. Fill it up with all of your favorite things, or match the original look by adding a glass terrarium and a ceramic vase.

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Luxury Lighting

Luxury lighting in a Street of Dreams house

This pendant light knows how to command a room, even a large Street of Dreams open kitchen. You could buy this exact rattan pendant light here. It costs more than my first car.

Alternatively, you could find a lookalike to create the same ambience with a different shape. Here are some options in wicker, bamboo and rattan:

Open, Airy Bedroom

Open, airy bedroom in modern luxury house

I love this bedroom because it’s not too Street of Dreams-y. It is minimalist, approachable and pro-owl.

Complement a black-frame bed with a geometric duvet cover or waffle duvet cover. Add furry pillows in light gray, and don’t forget to hang some owl art.

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Outdoor Side Tables

Outdoor side tables on modern deck

The Street of Dreams is a good place to find outdoor living inspiration. While you may not be installing a full-service outdoor kitchen this summer, you can apply some of the design ideas to your own deck or patio.

Get the look of this balcony by adding a couple of metal side tables. Set your side tables atop an outdoor rug, like this gray rug with thin stripes.

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A Gardener’s Paradise

Potting table in gorgeous potting shed

I hope whomever moves into this $2 million dollar house loves gardening, because a potting “shed” like this should not go to waste. You could recreate the magic with a simple potting table covered in a few of your favorite plants and flower pots, with a wicker basket filled with your garden tools.

To take it further, you could even build a simple long potting table similar to the Street of Dreams version and give it a concrete countertop. Please install the lovely gray brick flooring to match and then send me a pic.

The Street of Dreams Pantry

Pantry with wall of wine storage

I need this pantry in my life. For “cooking.”

Imagine entering this pantry to pick out ingredients for your next meal but instead finding a wall of wine with bottles as high as you can reach and beyond.

At first this idea seemed unattainable, but you could make this happen with a little work. Build or purchase a wine rack like this one, stain it to match your cabinets, then attach it alongside your kitchen cabinets or in your pantry.

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  1. Love these ideas! Love the wine rack! I do think you need the Industrial rack..(you could display alot of Wimzy on it)!! Always loved going to Street of Dreams when we lived there..lots of fun ideas. Looking forward to seeing more of your pics. Also look forward to seeing your tiki room you are going to create!


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