Fly Me to the Moon: 1950s-Inspired Valentine’s Day Printables

I only have eyes for you. Put your head on my shoulder. Fly me to the moon…

Are you feeling the romance?

People really knew how to write love songs in the 1950s. So I turned to these enduring ballads to inspire this set of Valentine’s Day printables.

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Retro Valentine’s Day Printables

Fill my heart with song…

I created three pages of printables, each inspired by a 1950s love song, and of course I found a way to involve cats. Get the printables here.

Download the retro Valentine's Day printables PDF

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“Fly Me to the Moon” features pairs of mid-century space cats traveling in rockets. “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” features snuggly mod cats (with heart bellies). And “I Only Have Eyes for You” features kitties who are so head over paws that they have hearts for eyes.

Print them on heavy cardstock to use as Valentine’s Day cards, gift tags, garland, wall art or card wreath decor.

Retro Valentine’s Day Card Wreath

Retro Valentine's Day printable cutouts of mod cats and 1950s love song titles

With 12 lovable designs, these printables are perfect for filling up a card wreath. I cut them with a white border and displayed them on the front door.

You can learn how to make this Sputnik card wreath here. Basically, you glue dowel rods and alligator clips to a wooden circle, coat it in metallic spray paint and finish it with glitter paint.

Retro Valentine's Day printables of mid-century cats and 1950s love song titles

Wood Circle | Dowel Rods | Small Circles | Alligator Clips | Gorilla Glue

1950s Love Songs to Inspire Your Valentine’s Day

As I was designing these Valentine’s Day printables, the coordinating love songs were playing on repeat in my head. You just can’t beat the classics.

Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra

This song was written in 1954, and Frank Sinatra’s version came out 10 years later, in time to be played at the lunar landing.

I Only Have Eyes for You – The Flamingos

This song was written for the film Dames in 1934, but no one sang it better than The Flamingos in the 1950s.

You can also listen to the 1934 version here. It’s very sweet, and maybe a little scandalous for the ’30s. Get these two a chaperone!

Put Your Head on My Shoulder – Paul Anka

Paul Anka released this timeless love song in 1959, and you can still see him perform it live if you embark on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise this fall!

Check out his other tour dates here.

Old-Fashioned Valentine’s Day

Retro Valentine's Day printables featuring atomic cats and 1950s song titles on a mid-century modern Sputnik wreath

You could also use these printables to dress up your Valentine’s Day tablescape. Scatter them on the table, tie them around cloth napkins or tape them to skewers to use as cake toppers.

Complete the retro ambience with one of these beloved 1950s desserts.

1950s Style Valentine's Day Printables
'50s Valentine's Day Retro Printables

2 thoughts on “Fly Me to the Moon: 1950s-Inspired Valentine’s Day Printables”

  1. The Valentines day kitty printables are of course too adorable!! (Love how you make use of your sputnik card wreath for different holidays!) The “Oldies” songs surely brought back lots of memories for me. Put your head on my shoulder is my favorite from Paul Anka. (We have been to his show twice here in Vegas).(Trivia about him you may not know..he is Jason Batemans father-in-law.) I was just saying the other day the old songs are so much better and meaningful than today’s songs. Your kitties are so sweet..don’t you just want to leave them up to look at year round? Another great H & H Tara! Memories!! Ear worms of songs! Love it!!

    • Thanks, Judy! Cool, I didn’t know that trivia about Paul Anka! That’s great you’ve gotten to see his show twice. He is coming to Ilani Casino in Vancouver soon. I had fun looking up and listening to the old songs. And I think I will keep these retro printables up for a while, long past Valentine’s Day!


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