Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils for an Irresistibly Retro Halloween

If you’re trying to create a mid-century style Halloween front porch, you need pumpkin carving stencils with serious retro vibes. And nothing says mid-century modern like Sputniks and mod cats!

As I was decorating my Halloween front porch this year, I created Sputnik and mod cat pumpkin carving stencils perfect for any mid-century house. These retro jack o’lanterns are easy and fun to carve.

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Mod Cat Pumpkin Carving Stencil

(Download Here)

I had to have a mod cat pumpkin, of course. I used the general shapes from my mod kitty painting tutorial to create this pumpkin stencil.

Mod cat pumpkin stencil with mid-century style

Get the Mod Cat Pumpkin Stencil >>

If you haven’t used a pumpkin stencil before, it’s simple. Just tape the pattern to the pumpkin, creasing it along the edges to help shape it flat against the rounded pumpkin.

Then poke holes along the pattern with a poking tool from a kit like this, remove the pattern and follow your dotted lines to carve out the pieces. On my patterns, the gray sections are the areas you’re carving out.

Carving a mid-century modern cat pumpkin with a stencil

For the mod cat pumpkin, I recommend carving the eyes first so you have a solid surface (before the head is carved out and less stable). Then carve the piece above the head, then along each side on the bottom.

That’s it, so easy!

Sputnik Pumpkin Carving Stencil

(Download Here)

Every atomic ranch needs Sputniks. This pumpkin gives your Halloween front porch major mid-century modern style with a Sputnik, starbursts and polka dots.

Sputnik style pumpkin on mid-century modern front porch

Get the Sputnik Pumpkin Stencil >>

You can rotate the stencil to be tall or wide. I chose wide for this pumpkin. And you could even cut out the different shapes and rearrange them to customize the look.

Space Age Polka Dot Jack O’lantern

This one’s not a stencil but a super easy pumpkin to create. Grab an electric drill and carefully drill various sizes of holes randomly spaced around your pumpkin.

I used a half-inch drill bit and a quarter-inch drill bit to create this look. And it was FUN! This is the quickest way to carve a pumpkin, and with the cutest results.

Space age polka dot style pumpkin for a mid-century modern front porch
The Portland weather came through with a wonderfully dreary day for photographing jack o’lanterns.

The little polka dots look like space age stars, the perfect partner to your Sputnik pumpkin. And you could combine the two looks by adding more polka dots to the Sputnik pattern. Mix and match!

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Mid-century style Halloween front porch with mod cat and polka dot pumpkins

Retro Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Free pumpkin carving stencils - modern cat and Sputniks
Retro pumpkin carving stencils - sputnik and atomic kitty

6 thoughts on “Free Pumpkin Carving Stencils for an Irresistibly Retro Halloween”

  1. These are sooo cool!!! I seriously need to find some pumpkins now! And a drill!😉 Okay, not a drill. I do not trust myself with a drill.
    I love that you made us stencils to use! You’re the coolest. Thank you!

    • Haha it is easy to get carried away with the drill because it’s too much fun drilling pumpkins! But there are so many cool, intricate patterns I’ve seen people do with the drill. The mod cat and Sputniks are good for classic carving, though, and I think they’ll be cute at your place!


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