Kitschy Delight: How to Create a Retro Ad Postcard Wreath

A mid-century house needs a few quirks. Your door wreath, for instance, shouldn’t just be a wreath when it could be a kitschy display of the world’s cutest retro ad postcards.

In a weekend you could build a starburst style card wreath and create a showstopper piece of art for your home. Check it out!

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Sputnik Wreath DIY (It’s Fun)

Start by following my DIY Sputnik card wreath tutorial. It’s the perfect way to display holiday cards, birthday cards and especially a set of super fun retro postcards.

Retro postcard display on Sputnik card wreath

I made this wreath for Christmas but wanted to keep this starburst of joy on display year-round. I just had to find cards for it to hold when it’s not Christmas or my birthday (which is sadly most of the year).

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Irresistible Retro Postcards

Next order your postcards. I started by looking for a set of Palm Springs postcards as a mid-century complement for the Sputnik wreath. But I just wasn’t finding the style of postcards I wanted in the Palm Springs category.

Vintage advertising postcards

Luckily, though, I stumbled on these beauties in my search. I can’t get over these darling postcards! If you’re a Mad Men fan or have any appreciation for retro ads, you need these in your life.

This Vintage Beer Postcard Is Everything

One of the postcards features a 1950s housewife who has discovered the joy of gardening. This might be the first time I’ve felt inspired by a postcard.

Mid-century beer ad postcard

All this time I’ve been gardening with both hands when I should have saved one hand for my drink. Tending the veggie beds is more rewarding than ever with this method.

Arranging Postcards on Your Wreath

Once you’ve built the wreath and received your postcards, pick your favorite cards and spend a few happy minutes arranging them on the wreath.

You can go with a theme. Some of the cards are more travel related, while some are more about food and drinks. There’s even a Santa Claus for the holidays.

For my wreath, I just picked my nine favorites, including a few solid color background postcards to add some pop. Don’t stress too much about narrowing down the cards. You can swap them out often so they will all make it to the front door at some point.

Mid-century modern Sputnik wreath with postcard display

Try to give the wreath a casual look, not too symmetrical. Pair a couple cards together, leave a few as singles, and angle them so they aren’t all straight or evenly spaced.

Finally hang your wreath where you can enjoy it every day. This wreath is a good candidate for the front door if you have a covered porch for protection.

If your front door is more exposed to the elements, you can keep the wreath on the inside of your door, or even on an interior wall. It could be the rec room art you’ve been missing!

For extra longevity, protect your postcards with laminating sheets.

More Postcard Display Ideas

If you are looking for a way to display the rest of your postcards, you could try clipping them to a modern wire display frame. Also consider scattering them inside a glass display table or proudly showcasing them on your retro fridge.

You might also like these other ways to style your card wreath.

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  1. Your retro postcard display is the ultimate in kitschy goodness…it’s awesome! Totally nails the 50’s/60’s! Perfect touch of whimsy for your mid-century house..Love it!!


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