Not-So-Spooky Retro Halloween Decor for Your Front Porch

Looking for retro Halloween decor for your front porch? I’ve got several ideas for you, including witchy pinup postcards, a giant spider web and ALL THE MOD CATS.

Of course, mod cats are purrfect any day of the year, but they’re extra magical on Halloween. Let’s give your front porch a Halloween makeover.

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Witchy Halloween Wreath

Start with a witchy wreath. I swapped out my usual retro ad postcard display for witch pinup postcards to give my card wreath a Halloween look.

Display retro witch pinup postcards on a wreath to give your front door a mid-century makeover.

Sputnik Card Wreath | Witch Postcards

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered these pinup witch postcards. Here’s a photo of the whole collection. Some are more pinup-y than others.

Collection of retro witch pinup postcards, the perfect mid-century Halloween decor.

If you don’t have a Sputnik card wreath yet, go make one! It’s fun and easy to create this wreath with wood circle cutouts, dowels and alligator clips. Here’s the tutorial.

Mod Cat Doormat (and Pumpkins!)

Several of the vintage witch postcards have cats on them, tying in with the witch and cat theme. But I needed more cats.

So I layered this black cat doormat over a simple black and white striped rug. An orange rug would be pretty, too, for more contrast under the black cat.

Decorate your front porch with the perfect mod cat doormat.

Cat Doormat | Striped Rug (similar version) | Sputnik Pumpkin Stencil

And since that STILL wasn’t enough cats, I also carved a mod cat pumpkin, along with a Sputnik pumpkin for mid-century modern flair. See more pumpkin pics and get my free pumpkin carving stencils here.

Halloween Front Porch

For the finishing touches, layer up the pumpkins, pillows and blankets. I found some extra-large pumpkins, added a few funny looking gourds and displayed a bundle of cornstalks.

Mid-century modern front porch/breezeway with retro Halloween decor.
Did you spot the mod cat pumpkin? It’s on the stool (where it can look down on the other pumpkins).

I spruced up my outdoor chairs with orange pillows, a kitty pillow and a soft blanket. And the best part: a giant spider web. This affordable find makes a big impact.

Add cozy mod outdoor seating with orange and black pillows.

Blanket | Pillow Covers (similar version) | Spider Web (similar version)

Should I add a big spider to the web? I’m still deciding on that one. Here’s how my Halloween front porch turned out.

Mid-century modern front porch decorated for Halloween

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8 thoughts on “Not-So-Spooky Retro Halloween Decor for Your Front Porch”

  1. Love it Tara! It says “Welcome”, “Homey” and “Comfy”! You guys have the perfect covered porch/portico to enjoy and decorate for the different holidays. Your Halloween decor looks great..I thought the rug was all one..clever you used two. Love that you use your wreath for different holidays.

    • Thanks, Judy! It is nice how it’s so easy to update the wreath for every holiday. And it was fun looking for retro witch postcards! There are a lot of cute retro postcards out there. I’ll have to collect them all. 🙂

  2. Your decorations look amazing! I love how it turned out. I love that cat doormat and cool idea to put it on top of another one. That spider web is awesome. Hmm? Maybe it should have a spider? Your decor is so cute so maybe it should be a cute spider instead of a creepy one.😳
    I love your interior decorating inspiration! I need to shape up my apt! First I need to organize it.🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Thanks, Lauren!! I think a cute spider would be fun. It definitely all turned out less scary and more on the cutesy side, and that’s a Halloween I can get on board with! Have you checked out the Halloween stores this year? They have some very scary decorations these days!

      I need to do some more organization posts sometime. I’m thinking of a kitchen organization post in a couple months maybe, when I finish my construction zone kitchen. 😆


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