Where to Find Retro Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a magical time to add retro decor to your home. The spooky smirk of a vintage cat or pumpkin blow mold will get the ghostly vibes going. Here are my favorite places to find retro Halloween decorations.

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Shopping for a Vintage Halloween

First, shop local…in Mom and Dad’s basement or Grandpa’s attic. Your kin might be holding on to heirloom decorations that would be perfect for your mid-century house.

But if they tossed out the good stuff years ago, then the next place to look is your local antique or thrift store.

Retro Halloween cat cutout and other fun decor

As early as Labor Day, I was spotting all kinds of goodies at the shops near me. (Hint: If you’re in the Portland area, head to the antique paradise of Aurora, Oregon!)

Many antique stores carry a variety of vintage decor along with newer retro-style options.

Vintage witch cutouts and wall art
Pumpkin blow mold and other festive Halloween decor

You can complement your thrifty finds with some strategic online shopping. Check Etsy for vintage and handmade gems, or head to Amazon for a trove of retro decor.

Indoor Retro Halloween Decorations

Adorn the walls in old-timey Halloween cutouts. Get witchy with your centerpieces. Dress up the fireplace with a garland, and don’t forget a cute towel for the kitchen.

Retro Halloween kitchen towel with cat and pumpkin

Kitchen Towel

Vintage style Halloween garland banner

Garland Banner

Retro witch centerpiece


Spooky cat Halloween cutouts

Cat Cutouts

You can also get creative with your antique collection. A mid-century cat figurine might be the perfect addition to an October scene. And wouldn’t you love to see your grandma’s dolls dressed up in spooky costumes?

Mid-century Halloween decorations including vintage pumpkin, cat figurine, Shiny Brite ornaments and retro-style haunted houses and Halloween trees
Closeup of the witch and clown dolls with the ghost doll

Surround them with Halloween cone trees and some spider-covered Shiny Brite ornaments.

Outdoor Retro Halloween Decorations

You can take the party outside, too. Place mischievous cats, owls and other iconic creepers throughout the yard. Go big with a banner or door cover, and bring back the Halloween blow molds.

Retro Halloween yard signs with pumpkin, owl, witch, cat, ghost, bat and skeleton

Yard Signs

Old-fashioned Halloween banner in front yard


Retro Halloween door cover

Door Cover

Retro Halloween pumpkin blow mold

Blow Mold

Light up the front porch with retro jack o’lanterns and blow molds, or change it up with these easy painted pumpkin ideas.

Cat, moon and stars painted on pumpkins for Halloween
Vintage witch postcards on Halloween Sputnik wreath

Make a mid-mod Sputnik wreath and fill it with witchy postcards as the final touch. Happy haunting!

Retro Halloween decor available on Amazon
Where to find retro Halloween decor

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  1. These are all great ideas to put you, your home and yard in the Halloween spirit! (I have witnessed your home all decorated for this time of year and it is awesome!! You’ve got the Halloween vibes going!) Seeing yours all decorated has got me in the mode to do a smaller version similar to yours. On Saturday and yesterday I added some goodies for mine and am so excited to get mine set up when we get home! Great job on ideas! (You got me motivated!!) 😊


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