About Time: Find Retro Clocks for Your Mid-Century Home

With a digital timekeeper in everyone’s pocket these days, analog clocks might seem inherently old-fashioned. But some clocks are far too stylish to be replaced by an iPhone. Here’s where to find a retro clock to adorn your home in timeless beauty.

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Starburst and Asterisk Retro Clocks

After Eric and I moved into our mid-century ranch, we started searching for a George Nelson starburst clock for the office. We saw a couple of antiques that we probably should have snatched up, but we ultimately chose a reproduction. Six years later this sunburst cutie is still ticking.

Starburst wall clock in mid-century modern home office

If you’re looking for an authentic mid-century modern clock, you can take your pick from George Nelson’s original designs still in production at Herman Miller. They’re as stunning as they are pricey.

Luckily there are lots of attractive reproductions for MCM enthusiasts on a budget. This colorful starburst comes in different sizes to scale to any room. The ball clock and asterisk are retro cool with several color options available on Amazon.

Retro starburst clock


Asterisk clock inspired by George Nelson


Ball clock

Ball Clock

Sunburst retro clock


Who Was George Nelson? George Nelson was a modernist designer who worked as the director of design at Herman Miller from 1947 to 1972. He and his team created iconic mid-century pieces like the bubble lamp, the marshmallow sofa and the ball clock.

Wooden vintage cats and retro clock on wall

I don’t have a ball clock, but I was lucky to find a Nelson-inspired option for a bargain at a home decor store. Keep your eyes peeled for mid-century finds offline, too.

Classic and Curvy Retro Clocks

If you’re looking for something a little more traditional (maybe even with numbers), consider these clocks by Newgate and Jones. With clean lines, modern fonts and alluring curves, they strike a balance between retro and readable.

Wouldn’t one of these be perfect in a 1960s den surrounded by books and whiskey?

Oval clock with stand

Oval Desk Clock

Retro orange wall clock

Rounded Rectangle

Mid-century style clock on tulip stand

Tulip Stand

Newgate simple, modern clock


Cute and Kitschy Retro Clocks

Maybe you want to make a statement with an eye-catching retro clock. This aluminum frame option would be right at home in a 1950s kitchen, and it comes in several sizes and colors to match your decor.

1950s style wall clock in turquoise

Bright and Cheerful

Retro Palm Springs clock

Palm Springs

Kit Cat Klock

Kit Cat Klock

Naturally we weren’t getting out of this article without discussing the Kit Cat Klock. My grandma Alice gave me this clock decades ago, and I’ll never get tired of the design. This is the king of retro clocks.

Kit Cat Klock in retro craft room

To the joy of cat fans everywhere, Kit Cats are still being made today. Even better, there’s also a Miss Kitty Cat Klock wearing pearls and eyelashes, so now the question is, do I need it in pink or turquoise?

Time-Tested Style

For even more retro clocks, you might want to take a look at Etsy. They occasionally have one-of-a-kind antiques and new clocks packed with mid-mod vibes.

Where to find cool retro clocks in MCM style
Where to find retro mid-century modern style clocks

4 thoughts on “About Time: Find Retro Clocks for Your Mid-Century Home”

  1. Love all these retro clocks. They are all great! We used to have a gold starburst one many years ago. The classic one reminds me of the ones in school classrooms that I used to watch to see “Is it time for school to be out?” lol I have always liked the one you guys have in your office and the one in your d.r. is perfect! I do remember the Kit Kat Klock in your craft room..so cute! If you get the girly one with the pearl necklace pink and turquoise are both good choices! Great info on retro clocks Tara!!

    • I bet your gold starburst clock was cool! We looked at an antique clock that was gold starburst with a wood grain background and we should have bought it! I do like that classic clock and it totally looks like the ones my grade school had, too. Very retro. 🙂 Those Miss Kitty clocks are too cute, I am definitely tempted! I love the colors.

  2. The kit kat klock is my fav! I remember aunt and uncle Tegner having one of those on the wall in their kitchen in Tacoma when I was a little kid. It always fascinated me.


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