Printable Modern Cat Art for Instant Fall Decor

Are you and your cats counting down the days until autumn? I have the purrfect fall printables for you.

These mid-century modern kitties are chasing all the pumpkins and fall colors. Print them out for instant decor as we transition from summer to fall.

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Autumn Kitty Art

Bring on the fall colors! These two kitties are surrounded by golden autumn hues. If they had thumbs, they’d be holding hot ciders and bundling up in plaid blanket scarves.

Printable wall art - Atomic cats surrounded by hills in orange fall colors

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Are they standing in front of desert sand dunes or rolling hills at sunset? You decide. But either way these cats are ready for fall.

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Pumpkin-Loving Cat Art

Here’s a kitty who loves pumpkin spice lattes and the smell of fireplace smoke on a crisp autumn day. Hay rides and farmers markets? This cat is here for it.

Printable wall art - Mid-century modern cat in a pumpkin

Download Printables

Before you carve jack-o’-lanterns and roast pumpkin seeds, make sure to add this kitty to your fall decor.

Fall Decor for Cat Fans

You can print these PDFs on 8.5 x 11-inch paper or scale them to your preferred size.

Then display them in document frames or hang them on the wall with clips like this.

And for even more cat decor, try these ideas to fill your home with adorable felines.

Printable fall decor - Modern cats in pumpkin and with fall colors
Autumn kitty art - printable fall decor of cats in pumpkin and with fall colors

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  1. Ohhh these are adorable kitties Tara! They are just too cute!! I bet you smile everytime you pass by them or look at them..right?! Very “whimsical” MCM kitties! This is a great transition from summer to fall wall decor!


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