Create a Pink Christmas Tree Village for Instant Holiday Magic

What could be more magical than a Christmas village display? Especially if it has Palm Springs vibes and the cutest little pink Christmas trees!

Holiday decor has expanded far beyond red and green these days. You can use any of your favorite colors to make a fun display, including candy-colored pink for maximum adorable points.

Gather several pink trees and mid-century houses to create this Christmas village. Here’s how it’s done.

Tabletop pink Christmas trees on display with mid-century Christmas village

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All the Pink Christmas Trees

Start by collecting tabletop Christmas trees in varying heights and shades of pink. Mine range from a two-inch bottle brush tree to a 24-inch tinsel tree.

Pink Ceramic Trees

The classic ceramic Christmas trees now come in many different colors, including shades like ballerina pink and rose gold.

I chose the Mr. Christmas 14-inch and 7-inch trees, and Target’s 4.5-inch ceramic tree ornament. They are all “Pink Panther” pink with white snow-frosted edges.

Pink ceramic Christmas trees that light up

My ceramic trees are battery-powered with LED lights. The lights might seem a little faint if you’re used to old-fashioned ceramic trees. Look for plug-in trees over battery-powered if you prefer a stronger lighting effect.

Mr. Christmas pink ceramic tree 18-inch
Champagne rose gold ceramic Christmas tree
Mini metallic pink ceramic tree

Pink Tinsel Trees

Next add pink tinsel trees adorned in colorful ornaments. This rose gold tinsel tree is dressed up in 1.75-inch Shiny Brite ornaments gifted from Christopher Radko.

More: All about Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments

Paint a Pink Tree

If you can’t find a pink tree that you like, it’s a piece of cake to paint one. Dollar Tree has 18-inch Christmas trees in white that make the perfect base for spray painting.

Give your tree a coat of primer and multiple coats of color until you get the coverage you prefer. We used Rustoleum’s gloss candy pink topped with a light layer of glitter spray paint.

Yep, the tree on the left started as a plain white tree from the D store.

If you want more of a reflective tinsel style, look for a metallic pink paint like this. And if it ever chips, you can always apply a fresh coat of paint.

Or pick up a pink tabletop tree ready to decorate.

Light pink Christmas tree
Silver glitter Christmas ornaments

Pink Cone Trees

Fill in your display with pink cone trees.

Cone trees are modern, festive, and all over Pinterest. But they can be hard to find in pink, and they tend to be pricey.

Pink Christmas tree village displayed on vintage sideboard

Luckily, cone trees are cheap and easy to make with pink fabric strips and hot glue! Here’s how to make DIY cone trees.

Pink Bottle Brush Trees

Bottle brush trees make the perfect filler for a mid-century Christmas village. Select a couple different heights to fill in the gaps in your display.

I used Target’s 4-inch and 6-inch bottle brush trees in blush. There are a few options on Amazon, too.

Pink bottle brush Christmas trees
Multi-color bottle brush trees
Light pink bottle brush trees

Mid-Century Modern Christmas Village

Finally, add retro houses to turn your pink tree display into a swanky Palm Springs Christmas village.

World Market has a set of three houses featuring mid-century rooflines, breezeblocks, bubble lamps and palm trees. When can I move in?

Each house lights up from inside and out. They include colorful bottle brush trees to tie in with the rest of your display. And one even has a mod cat in the window!

The whole set sells out fast each holiday season, but you might be able to find them individually at your local World Market store.

Here’s how they look lit up at dusk.

World Market retro Christmas village display lit up at dusk

Mid-century Christmas villages are harder to track down than the more traditional ones, but I’ve seen a few out there. Here are some favorites.

  • Wood MCM Houses: These are the World Market houses in my display. They are cheerful and so much fun.
  • Retro Christmas Village: Diane from The Retro Christmas Card Company designs the cutest mid-mod Christmas products. Her new village features MCM elements like Sputnik chandeliers and a Malm fireplace. The houses are translucent acrylic, so they store flat and you can add lights to give them a backlit glow.
  • DIY Mod Putz Houses: Don’t forget to check Etsy! Amaya Jade And Co. sells a kit of modern Putz houses pre-cut on cardstock, so you can build your own tiny paper Christmas village in retro style.

The Grinch’s Whoville Christmas village would also tie in well with a pink tree display.

Retro Christmas village by the Retro Christmas Card Company
Pink flamingo figurines for a Christmas village
Grinch Christmas figurine
Pink and red Christmas house

Pink Christmas Magic

Once you have your pink Christmas tree village all set up, let it snow! Apply a generous dusting of sparkling snow to get that holiday magic.

Watch how I arrange my Christmas village in this video.

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4 thoughts on “Create a Pink Christmas Tree Village for Instant Holiday Magic”

  1. Oh Tara!This is beyond adorable, whimsical, and awesome! So fun!!! I just love it! What could be better than a “pink” MCM Christmas?! Doesn’t it just bring a smile and make you happy when you look at it? It’s a wonderful addition to your mid-century Christmas decor which I am sure you will enjoy for years to come!

  2. Love, love, love! Just ran and got the World Market houses – and now I’m on a search for a pink tinsel tree like yours with the aluminum look. Where did you find it? Thank you for this awesome post.

    • Thanks, Erin! I love the Christmas houses. World Market made a similar set for Halloween this year, a little smaller, and I had to have those, too!

      I got the pink tinsel tree at Michaels, in 2017 I think. The box says Celebrate It, Mini Tree, Christmas Blush. I don’t see it on their website right now but hopefully they’ll bring it back! It looks like they have some tinsel options in other colors and sizes.


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