Orla Kiely Decor to Brighten Up Your Mid-Century Home

With bold colors, fun patterns and that iconic stem print, Orla Kiely makes joyfully retro decor. I panicked when I heard this beloved brand ceased trading in 2018, but they are actually still creating new designs. Here are some of my favorite finds available now.

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Orla Kiely Decor Finds

You can get Orla’s prints on clothing, handbags and accessories, as well as home decor items. There are rotating products available on the brand’s website and through resellers like Amazon.

Happy Placemats

The kitchen is a fantastic place to start when you’re building an Orla Kiely collection. These block flower placemats will brighten up your dining table.

Floral placemats


At about 12×9 inches, they are smaller than standard placemats, but they make up for their small size with big color. Complete the set with the matching coasters.

Ambient Candle

Add mid-century style to any room with Orla Kiely’s stem tealight holder. It is ceramic with a wooden base and a peek-through pattern for candlelit ambience.

Modern tealight candle holder


“My dream was always to create a style with a strong sense of identity, a visual language that was welcoming and friendly, happy prints that make you smile!”

Orla Kiely

All About Orla: Orla Kiely is both the brand and the designer. Read more about the two here.

Cheerful Coasters

These coasters will protect your wood surfaces in the most fabulous way: with Orla’s colorful atomic flower prints. Combine them with the matching placemats for an unforgettable meal.

1960s style floral coasters


Monochromatic Clock

With wood grain and shades of gray, this clock forgoes Orla Kiely’s signature colors. The monochromatic stem pattern is the perfect way to sneak a dash of playfulness into a more serious setting like an office.

Modern stem pattern clock


“I love to reference 1960s culture; fashion, film, interiors and graphic design, I never get bored of the time.”

Orla Kiely

Cute Tea Cozy

I didn’t even know tea kettle cozies were a thing, but if I get one it has to be this one! In lovely yellow, green, blue and pink, this product will protect your teapot while dressing up your kitchen.

Colorful tea kettle cozy

Tea Kettle Cozy

Seriously Fun Oven Glove

Cooking dinner could be so much more enjoyable with this double oven glove. It protects both hands from large platters and casseroles, while serving a heaping portion of this yellow flower print.

Retro double oven glove

Oven Glove

“I always loved mid-century design and trawled the markets in Portobello or Montreuil in Paris for vintage treasures…”

Orla Kiely

More Orla Kiely

Orla frequently releases new designs — and retires old ones. I’m glad I picked up this stem pillow when it was still available a few years back.

Orla Kiely throw pillow on an orange mid-century modern couch

Here are some places to find all the Orla Kiely you need in your life.

  • Official website (see what’s new)
  • eBay and other vintage sellers (track down out-of-print items)
  • Etsy (get beautiful decor pieces, handmade from Orla’s fabrics!)
  • Amazon and other resellers (find items that might not be available elsewhere)

Keep in mind that there are a lot of Orla-inspired knockoffs, so it can be hard to know whether you’re getting the real thing. One trick is to scan each listing for a picture of Orla Kiely’s high-quality gift packaging, which should come with new items. Also look for the “Brand: Orla Kiely” designation under the product name on Amazon.

Have fun filling your home with retro cuteness!

Orla Kiely decor finds
Where to find Orla Kiely decor

2 thoughts on “Orla Kiely Decor to Brighten Up Your Mid-Century Home”

  1. Oh Tara! These are all adorable! Cuteness/whimsy overload! The rugs, placemats, coasters, all of it..totally says Tara and Eric’s MCM home. (How many have found a home with you?) I do recognize the pillow..always thought it looked great on your sofa! The candle holder looks familiar..do you have it in turquoise? Anyway…they are awesome items and it’s cool you can find them at Amazon! (or maybe dangerous depending on how you look at it.. ;0 lol)

    • Thanks, Judy! Orla Kiely’s designs are so much fun, I am obsessed! The colorful ’60s style is exactly what I like.

      So far we just have the throw pillow and a set of notebooks and pens, but I’m always on the lookout to add to the collection! We also have a pair of IKEA candle holders that are silver with similar cutout stems. It’s definitely dangerous that it’s so easy to get more Orla on Amazon any time. 😀


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