Modern Planters That Are Actually Affordable

If you love houseplants and mid-century modern style, then you know the struggle of trying to find cheap modern planters for your urban jungle.

When you have a houseplant addiction (how can you say no to that new variegated pothos at Home Depot?), you need lots of budget-friendly planters. And they are out there!

Today I’m sharing a list of affordable modern planters, plus my strategy to help you grow your indoor garden with style on a budget.

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Inexpensive Modern Planters

These planters will add instant style to your home. I have and love a few of these. The rest are on my wish list for the next time I “need” a new planter.

Modern white plastic planter

Simple White Planter

Dark gray modern planter

Geometric Planter

Avocado green houseplant pot

Avocado Planter

Planter and Stand

Pink modern cylindrical planters

Pink Ceramic Pots

Mid-century style speckled planter

Speckled Planter

Modern hanging planter

Hanging Planter

Blue modern flower pot

Blue Ceramic Pot

Collecting Modern Planters on a Budget

As a gardener on a budget, you need to strategize.

Try finding a cheap 8-inch planter and buying it in bulk for the majority of your plant collection. Then add a few impact plants in special planters over time.

I use this one as my bulk planter. It has a simple profile with clean lines, so it fits perfectly with modern decor, and it’s affordable and made in the U.S.

Simple white modern planters

You can get this planter in multiple sizes online. The 8-inch is a good size for most of your average houseplants. Having multiples of a simple planter will help give a cohesive feel to your indoor garden.

My Modern Planters

The ceramic fluted planter adds geometric interest in my dining room and pairs well with my basic white planters.

Mid-century modern planters collection

This little black bullet planter is the newest in my collection. I was so surprised by the quality, especially for the price. The legs are sturdy iron, and the pot itself is a thick hard plastic.

Affordable mini mid-century modern bullet planter

While my basement bathroom is still a work in progress, I love how this bullet planter gives it a little bit of interest!

The tall avocado-colored planter is perfect for a bigger houseplant. I have three of these: one for a split leaf philodendron, one for a large aloe and one for a large snake plant.

Colorful mid-century modern planters and marshmallow couch

The avocado planter looks pretty with a mid-century modern color scheme, and it pairs well with bullet planters. (These large bullet planters aren’t cheap, but you may be able to find them used.)

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Modern Plant Stands for Instant Style

One surefire way to modernize your planters is to put a few of them in mid-century plant stands. Make sure you get the correct (or slightly wider) size stand for your planter.

Try these affordable plant stands.

Modern cylindrical planter in wood plant stand

Wood Plant Stand

Space age style plant stand

Bamboo Plant Stand

You could also make a DIY plant stand. This one is easy to make with modern hairpin legs and a shelf.

DIY plant stand shelf and cascading houseplants

Here are more houseplant ideas for your urban jungle.

2 thoughts on “Modern Planters That Are Actually Affordable”

  1. “Mid-century planters rock!” (Prentice wanted me to do that quote for him! As you know, I am just as bad or worse than you at being a “plant collector” or have a plant addiction. I can’t resist buying a plant or two just about everytime we visit Lowes or Home Depot. I also tend to rescue some on the “sad, dying, discount area”. Love your planters and plant stands you own and also the ones on your “want” and “wish” list..Great mid-century choices! We buy most of ours at Lowes and Home depot (found some this summer that look like wrapped rope ..very cool.) We also get some at Star Nursery which is big here in Vegas.

    • Haha, thanks Judy and Prentice! Yes I love rescuing discount plants, too. The little one we found for 30 cents in September is doing great! It has been fun slowly building up the collection. But I always need more! 😀


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