Give Your Home Office a Bold Mid-Century Modern Makeover

If you’re a work-from-homer or side-gigging-unicorn, you need a beautiful home office that won’t hinder your productivity.

Maybe that means an open layout with a desk facing the window. You might want to declutter any stray items that took up lodging over the years…dusty treadmill, anyone?

For me, a happy home office is mostly minimalist, with a dash of mid-century modern decor and a wall of books.

Here are the essentials to transform your home office into a mid-mod workspace where Don Draper would be proud to imbibe.

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Modern Home Office Furniture

Your command center is key. Look for a large enough desk for multiple monitors, tasty snacks and maybe even some antiquated notepads and writing utensils.

Yes, my desk has a pencil sharpener. I won’t give up my Ticonderoga #2’s.

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You might find the perfect mid-century desk at an estate sale or on Craigslist. IKEA also has modern and minimalist options, like my Alex desk.

And Amazon is getting more MCM furniture all the time. Pick up a retro lounge chair for maximum style points in your next Zoom meeting.

Mid-century modern desk

Walnut Desk

Modern chair for home office

White Chair

Mid-century modern office desk

Oak Desk

Turquoise desk chair

Turquoise Chair

Modern Office Lighting

Make sure you have a variety of lighting options. You’ll need bright overhead lights to shock you awake in the morning, and dim table lamps for those late nights.

Draper desk lamp on midcentury modern desk

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Modern matte brass desk lamp

Matte Brass Lamp

Mid-century modern Draper desk lamp

Draper Lamp

Mid-century modern floor lamp for the home office

Globe Floor Lamp

Mid-Century Modern Art

Surround yourself with art that makes you smile. Look for splashes of color, geometric shapes and retro typography. Or even better: mid-century cat art.

I work best when surrounded by cats, so I had to have a “portrait” of my fur babies in the home office.

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"These are the good old days" art print

Good Old Days Print

Modern art print

Abstract Art

More Home Office Decor

This coat rack is perfect for a home office, but it would be a shame to cover it. Install it by the office door and then throw away all your coats.

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Here’s a peek at my wall of books. The sunburst clock matches the orange in my office drapes and ties in with the neutrals of the room.

Throw in a mid-century modern rug and other bold accessories to brighten up your office.

Mid-century modern George Nelson sunburst wall clock

Starburst Clock

Modern star pencil cup for organizing office accessories

Starburst Pencil Cup

Modern yellow bird decor

Bird Accessory

Colorful coat rack for the home office

Coat Rack

Bamboo pencil cup and business card holder

Business Card Holder

Modern black and white area rug


Styling Your Home Office

You probably spend a lot of time in your home office. Make it an inviting space, preferably packed with cats and mid-mod whimsy.

Get more ideas for your office:

2 thoughts on “Give Your Home Office a Bold Mid-Century Modern Makeover”

  1. It’s awesome that you and Eric get to work from home! You have made your home office into a “happy” work area surrounding yourselves with things that make you happy….cat pics, Jane and Charlie coming in to make sure you are doing your work 🙂 , books and wonderful mid century pieces, etc. It all comes together to make it an enjoyable work office, and your desks and chairs look comfy for your day’s work! Great Home office and great ideas on creating a nice work space in your home!

    • I’m laughing because Charlie was in here ALL DAY napping while we worked today. 😀 It’s nice to have the mid-century decor and lots of cats around us while we work!


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