Must-Have Decor Accessories for Your Modern Home Office

Whether you love your job or you’re counting down to 5 o’clock, there’s no reason for your home office to be drab. With a few upgrades you can look forward to grabbing your morning tea and starting the work day surrounded by cuteness.

Here are several fun office accessories to keep the mood creative and fun, with a touch of mid-century modern style.

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1. Starburst Wall Clock

I love the mod colors of this starburst clock. The orange is repeated in my office drapes, and the neutrals draw the colors of the room together.

Mid-century modern starburst clock for the office

2. Adesso Draper Desk Lamp

Don’t settle for mere practicality in your desk lamp. It can be practical and also provide warm lighting with some personality to boot. Do Don Draper proud.

Mid-century modern Adesso Draper desk lamp

3. Retro Poster Art

I bought a pack of retro Disney posters in 2015 and promptly started displaying them throughout my house (including Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride above the toilet…Eric’s idea). It looks like Disney is no longer selling the poster packs, but you can find them individually by searching for “Disney parks retro posters” on Etsy and eBay.

Retro Disney posters for a mid-century modern office

4. Cutest Little Cat Planter

Anytime you can add cats to your decor, you should obviously do it. I love succulents, cats and miniatures, so this planter is a win. The opening is approximately the size of a tealight candle, making it difficult to get the watering right. After sending multiple plants to the grave, I popped this fake succulent in there. No more succulents have to die.

Tiny cat planter or candle holder for the office

This planter is no longer available, but you can find more affordable modern planters here.

5. Mid-Century Style Coat Rack

This coat rack is really too cute to use. Install it by your home office door and throw away all your coats because it would be a shame to cover this.

Colorful mid-century modern coat rack

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6. Mod Side Table (and Cat House)

Increase the cozy factor in your home office with a seating area and side table to hold magazines and drinks for all the relaxing breaks you totally get to have (right?).

This table gets bonus points for providing a napping spot for the cats. They have actually used it a few times, which is pretty good as far as cat-specific items go.

Modern cat house side table for the home office

This cat house side table is no longer available, but you can find more modern cat houses here.

Bonus: Your Home Office Needs a Cat

Whenever possible, make sure your office has at least one cat around. I use treats and YouTube bird videos to draw them in. If a cat is not available, a snuggly dog or well-mannered spouse may suffice.

Every home office needs a cat

You might also want to check out my cat painting tutorial to create your own mid-century style cat art.

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  1. Oh do make me smile! Love all your wonderful accessories in your office..having seen it in person I can attest to it being a great place to spend your workday. (You have the benefit of both great kitties and a well-mannered spouse to share your office.) I am sure the cozieness you have created in your office make the workday hours go by much faster than they do in a sterile office setting!


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