How to Add Hygge Coziness to Your Modern Fireplace

Modern design doesn’t have to be cold and boring. You can warm up your modern fireplace with cozy hygge decor.

Today I’m sharing how I updated my fireplace, plus some ideas you can use to get the look. Find a decorative fireplace screen, Scandinavian style log holders, a lounge chair and fun mantel accessories.

But beware, once you hygge-fy your fireplace area, your cats will monopolize the seating.

Cat relaxing in chair by fireplace with cozy hygge vibes
This chair now belongs to Charlie.

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What Is Hygge Decor?

If you’re not familiar with hygge, it’s the Danish art of ultimate coziness. Hygge is a feeling of contentment, sharing happy memories at home with the people (and cats) you love.

It’s not strictly about decor. But when home bloggers talk about hygge decor, we’re really talking about designing inviting spaces that make people want to kick back, play a board game and relax together with a cup of cocoa.

The fireplace is the central gathering point when we think of hygge decor.

For more info, check out my recent literary decor guest post on The Uncorked Librarian’s blog. I talk about hygge and other home decor trends hiding in my favorite books (Little Women is basically the hygge manual).

If you feel like your modern fireplace is too sparse and not creating that inviting atmosphere you want, try adding some of these elements.

Mid-Century Modern Fireplace Screens

A new screen is like an instant facelift for your fireplace.

My screen used to be brass, which is era-appropriate for a mid-century house, but it didn’t have the modern feel I wanted. I had it replated in brushed nickel, so I was able to keep the original but make it work for my design preferences.

If you like the design but not the finish of your screen, you can search your city for vendors offering metal replating services. A replating job can take awhile but might be worth the wait for something you love.

If you don’t like your current screen, you could try one of these modern screens to give your fireplace a bit of personality.

Modern fireplace screen
Modern silver fireplace screen
Modern gold fireplace screen
Modern fireplace screen

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Whimsical Log Sets for a Gas Fireplace

For a gas fireplace, the log set can transform the appearance. I kept my vintage log set and added ceramic pine cones to create whimsical hygge vibes.

Modern gas fireplace with cozy log set and crackling pinecones

Here are some log set options for your fireplace. You can find different styles of tree logs, including white birch for an unexpected detail.

Gas fireplace log set with pine cones
Gas fireplace log set
Gas fireplace birch log set
Gas fireplace log set

Scandi Modern Log Holders & Tools

For a wood-burning fireplace, it’s all about the log display. Pick a modern log holder with a Scandinavian feel to up the hygge levels. Don’t forget to add a modern set of fireplace tools.

Modern log holder
Modern log holder
Modern log holder
Modern fireplace tool set

Modern Chair to Get Your Fireside Hygge On

When you want people to gather for hygge time, you need comfortable seating. Draw a cozy chair up to your fireplace. Win extra coziness points with a faux fur or modern blanket like the ones I share here.

You might want to check local sellers for antique chairs that you can bring back to life. We got this vintage Plycraft lounge chair on Craigslist, and Eric stained and reupholstered it himself! He even added the piping, which is so far beyond my patience level.

Getting the hygge feels reading a book by the fireplace
What am I reading? Scroll down to see!

We got a deal because the chair base was missing, but we found a dirt cheap base at Goodwill that worked as a replacement. Vintage chair now open for business.

If you exhaust the local listings and antique stores (or you aren’t looking for a DIY project), you might consider a new reproduction. These chairs are both inviting and super mod.

Turquoise mid-century modern chair
Yellow mid-century modern chair
Gray mid-century modern chair

The turquoise and gray chairs are the same, but I really love both colors and couldn’t choose which one to show here.

Mod Mantel Decor With a Scandi Touch

The mantel is a great spot to have fun with pretty or eccentric details. For a mid-century fireplace, a starburst mirror or clock is guaranteed to look good.

You can combine a Scandi and mid-mod look with a painting like this gem. It has dogs on a skateboard, and they put a bird on it.

And ask yourself, is this yoga cat figurine the thing that’s been missing from your mantel?

Yoga cat wooden figurine
MCM starburst mirror
Mid-mod dog skateboard painting
Mid-century modern candlesticks
Mid-century modern clock

You might also want to check out Decor Hint’s soy candle DIY, A Pretty Fix’s modern Christmas village, and Tasty Itinerary’s cozy gift guide for more ways to hygge-fy your home.

Finally, Add the Perfect Fireside Reading

When I think of hygge, I think of snuggling up next to the fireplace with a delightful book. And I’ve been wanting to tell you about this one for a while now.

New Erotica for Feminists, the perfect fireside reading
Second name from the left…that’s my friend, Brooke!

New Erotica for Feminists is full of titillating tales that might excite the modern woman. Imagine the day when MILF is a venture capitalist term for “Mom I’d Like to Fund,” or when Ed Sheeran writes the hit single, “I’m in Love With Your Body of Work.”

This hilarious book was co-written by an old friend and co-worker of mine, Brooke Preston. Brooke was the PR Manager at my very first internship and job out of college.

She gave me a shot when I was desperately trying to make use of my new English degree, and throughout the years we’ve worked a few different writing jobs together.

Reading New Erotica for Feminists

Brooke is also one of the nicest and funniest people I’ve met. I’m so proud of her for publishing her first book. If you’re looking for a gift for the fun-loving feminist in your life, this is it.

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4 thoughts on “How to Add Hygge Coziness to Your Modern Fireplace”

  1. Love your cozy fireplace (and the whimsical hygge vibes..;) ) “Charlie’s” chair is so comfortable….I’ve enjoyed it many times. I bet you guys are enjoying the cozy fireplace this time of year taking off the Oregon chill and adding to the mid century modern whimsical Christmas time in your home.

  2. I absolutely love everything you posted! I love Modern Mid-century everything. If I only had a fireplace, I’d be all over those screens. They are calling my name! My next home will have a proper fireplace. It really does add a cozy feel to a home. Our new electric fireplace is helping with that.

    The colorful painting with the dogs also calls to me. You have amazing taste.

    • Thanks, Kathy! I had a feeling you would like that dog art! I thought it was so cute and silly but still totally classy. 😀 That’s awesome you guys got an electric fireplace, they are a nice alternative option to add coziness to a room. Happy holidays, hope you’re staying warm and cozy!


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