How to Make a Modern Fall Wreath for All the “Fallidays”

Nothing says autumn like the color orange. Whether we’re talking leaves, pumpkins or fuzzy sweaters, it’s the hue of the season and perfect for a modern fall wreath.

Gather some orange fabric and festive ribbon to make this wreath that transitions from Labor Day to Halloween to Thanksgiving with ease.

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Modern Fall Wreath Tutorial

By swapping out the ribbon, you can use this wreath for all the fall holidays (aka fallidays).


  • Orange fabric (amount varies)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Wreath form
  • Tacky glue to use on the Styrofoam
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks to use on the fabric
  • Ribbon (pick a few for the different holidays!)

Cut and Iron the Fabric Strips

Start by cutting long strips of fabric about four inches wide. Fold them in half and iron them, so they are about two inches wide (folded on one side and frayed on the other).

Cutting orange fabric into 4-inch strips

Attach Fabric to the Wreath Form

Use tacky glue (not hot glue) to attach the first strip of fabric to the wreath. Don’t use hot glue directly on the Styrofoam.

Using tacky glue to attach fabric to Styrofoam wreath
Attaching fabric to foam wreath form

Glue Fabric Around the Fall Wreath

Then you can start gluing the fabric around the wreath, using hot glue on the fabric but not the Styrofoam. Overlap the fabric as you go, so that the folded edge covers the frayed edge.

Gluing fabric to itself to make an orange fall wreath

Adding a New Fabric Strip: When you get to the end of a fabric strip, glue it down to the fabric on the wreath. Then attach a new fabric strip over it by folding the edge over itself and gluing it down, so all the frayed edges are hidden. Check out the video to see how it works.

Folding over a fabric strip to hide the frayed edge on DIY wreath
Attaching a new strip of fabric to wreath by folding over the edge to hide the frayed edges

Finish Gluing Down the Fabric

Keep gluing the fabric all the way around the wreath. When you get to the end, leave yourself enough extra fabric to cover up the beginning edge.

Folding over fabric strip to hide frayed edge and attach to modern wreath
Gluing last strip of fabric to wreath

Fold over the frayed edge of the last bit of fabric, glue it to itself and completely cover the wreath form as shown in the video. Make sure all the frayed edges are glued and hidden under the fabric.

Add a Festive Ribbon

Tying bow on modern orange wreath for Halloween and fall

Once the glue sets, cut some festive ribbon to your desired length and tie a bow to hang the wreath. You might want to avoid any knots so that you can easily swap out the ribbon for different fall holidays.

I used a black and white polka dot ribbon for my Halloween decor and a rustic brown ribbon for fall and Thanksgiving.

Cute orange wreath with black and white bow for modern Halloween decor
Modern fall wreath made of orange fabric and rustic brown bow for fall and Thanksgiving decor

Add More Halloween Decor

You might want to pick up some extra fabric and make these Halloween cone trees to match your wreath. Then spruce up your front porch with retro pumpkins and spooky decor.

Halloween cone tree decor for tabletop display indoors

Modern DIY wreath for Halloween and Thanksgiving
How to make a modern fall wreath

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