Adorable Cat Decor for a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Want to give your mid-century bedroom a mod cat makeover? Check out this cat-themed bedroom for inspo. If you love cats, themes, and mid-century rooms with cat themes, you’re in the right place!

You might be surprised by all of the cat decor options out there these days. Here are some of my favorites, including feline-inspired art, pillows and curtains.

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Modern Cat Art

Modern cat art in mid-century bedroom

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Start with art. There are a few ways to track down mid-century modern style cat art.

  1. Find actual ‘50s and ‘60s cat art at a vintage store or on eBay. If you find it, yay! But it can be expensive and hard to find.
  2. Purchase new cat art made to look mid-century. I went this route because I needed cat art in my life ASAP. You can search Etsy and Amazon to find artists selling mod cat prints and paintings like this one. A canvas by Donna Mibus, one of my favorites, provides the focal point in this room.
  3. Paint your own. You can do it! I made a custom mod cat painting featuring my two cats. Check out the tutorial here.

Cool Kitty Pillows

Modern cat pillows in mid-century bedroom

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These pillows. I can’t get enough of them, with the cool little hipster cats.

You can find mod cat pillows on Amazon, like this one in red orange and this one in turquoise. Make sure to get a corresponding pillow insert for each cover.

Feline-Approved Curtains

Hang funky modern cat curtains

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You may have seen my post about this room’s starburst curtains, but now let’s focus on the kitty curtains in the other window. I love this fabric from IKEA.

This window faces the street and I wanted a different fabric for the outside, so I sewed custom curtains to make them double sided. From the street you see a hexagon pattern, but inside it’s all cats.

I followed this Young House Love tutorial to create a modern pleated look.

Last time I checked, IKEA broke my heart and stopped selling this cat fabric. You can search your fabric store to make one-of-a-kind kitty curtains, or try these black and white cat curtains.

Before and After

Here’s this room before and after getting the mod cat makeover it always wanted.

We removed the carpet and blinds, polished the hardwood floor, replaced the baseboards, gave it a fresh coat of paint and added modern cat accessories.

Now it’s the room where my cats spend most of their indoor time. I think they like the camouflage.

Mod cat pillows in midcentury bedroom

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14 thoughts on “Adorable Cat Decor for a Mid-Century Modern Bedroom”

  1. I love “our” room! I know Jane and Charlie love it too..what’s not to love? ….pictures and accessories in their’s great!! ( More than once I found Jane curled up on my robe if I leave it on the foot of the bed..smiles). It is very inviting and comfortable ..a great guestroom!! 🙂

  2. What a great looking room. I love all those special touches you gave it to take it from just a room to an amazingly themed bedroom that even your cats love.

  3. Omg!!! Omg!!! Omg!!!! I need to decorate Sukha’s Cat room, and these ideas are amazing. Thanks for providing the buy links because those pillows are mine. I love the curtains too! I’m obsessed with your mod cat posts!! Keep them coming! Loved the email print outs too. And I still have to make my pumpkin!!


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