Celebrating at Home? Throw a Cat Party for 2 (Free Printables)

Birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations are different these days, with most of us staying home to flatten the curve. But there are still fun ways to celebrate at home.

How about having a cat party for two?

As Eric and I approached our fifth anniversary a few weeks ago, I was looking for the purrfect way we could honor the day. I told him this anniversary wouldn’t be about gifts or going out to dinner, but just spending quality time together.

“Oh good,” he joked. “We haven’t been doing enough of THAT.” This was day 50 in quarantine…

Normally we like to get away for weekend trips in the PNW on our anniversary. I keep reminiscing about our past trips sipping wine in Yakima, enjoying seafood in Olympia, and exploring the allegedly haunted Columbia River Gorge Hotel (it’s so pretty).

So how was I going to make this anniversary as memorable as those ones? I decided having a modern cat-themed party at home made the most sense.

Nothing says love like cats.

If you’re looking for a way to make your upcoming celebrations feel special, kitty decor is probably the way to go. Below you’ll find the printable templates I used to create a modern cat centerpiece, retro star confetti, and kitty cat garland.

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What You’ll Need

Mod Kitty Centerpiece | Download

For each cat stand in the centerpiece, cut out two kitty shapes. Then cut one along the middle from the top to center, and the other along the middle from the bottom to center. Combine the two pieces to create a standing cat.

Cutout cat centerpiece for your cat-themed party

Get the cat centerpiece template >

I made two anniversary kitties for our table centerpiece. Place them on a decorative plate or tray and shower them in confetti. Love is in the air.

Retro Mod Confetti | Download

For the confetti, cut a bunch of mid-century stars and circles. I opted for white stars with turquoise and orange circles to match our wedding colors. You can cut the circles by hand, but it’s a lot easier to use a circle punch if you have one.

Retro mod star and circle confetti for a DIY party at home

Get the retro star confetti template >

The confetti looks pretty spread over a dinner table, buffet area, coffee table, or anywhere you are celebrating at home. I used one of the table runners from our wedding as a backdrop.

DIY Cat Garland | Download

Finally, the cat garland brings it all together. Cut cats and circles to string on your garland. I ended up cutting way more than I needed, so you may want to string the shapes as you go to get an idea of length.

Cat admiring DIY cat party garland

Caution: Watch mischievous cats to make sure they don’t eat the yarn.

Use a small hole punch to create tiny holes on each side of the garland shapes. The holes need to be small enough that the yarn fits snugly, to hold each shape in place. Then use a yarn needle to string the yarn through the tiny holes. You could also skip the stringing and try gluing or taping the pieces to the yarn if you prefer.

Stringing a DIY cat garland using a yarn needle
DIY cat party garland hanging on wall

Get the cat garland template >

Hang your finished cat party garland on a wall like I did, or drape it around a doorway. Time to party.

DIY modern cat party decor ideas

Even if you can’t get away or have a big party, you can still create a memorable celebration at home with your quarantine buddies.

DIY Cat Party Decor

2 thoughts on “Celebrating at Home? Throw a Cat Party for 2 (Free Printables)”

  1. Wow Tara! What a fun and clever way you found to celebrate your fifth anniversary during these “stay at home” days/weeks…months….Although it was different from previous weekend trips for celebrating, I am sure it will be just as memorable!! In the future you will be “Remember when?” (love Jane watching you thinking “whatcha making Mom?”) You did good!! That was great “Quality Time”!!

    • Thanks Judy! Yes, Jane was very curious about the whole thing. I had to watch her closely. 😀 I do think we’ll remember the anniversary with the cat decor! We had a nice steak dinner and made a cake, too.


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