16 Modern Cat Houses That Will Actually Improve Your Decor

When you think of a cat tree, you probably picture a carpet-covered eyesore that you’d rather hide away in a back room than display proudly in your house. But there are actually lots of modern cat houses and beds available these days.

I’ve tracked down the cutest kitty abodes so your fur baby can play or sleep in style, without cramping your style. Check out these Scandi, mid-century modern and minimalist options.

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Scandi Modern Kitty Beds

Cats love to crawl on things. This hammock cat bed below looks like the perfect resting spot. And with a pretty wood finish, it will make a nice decor accent in any room (even if kitty ignores it completely, which we all know is a possibility).

Modern hammock cat bed

Bamboo Bed

I love that this heather gray cat house is shaped like a kitty face! If you like cat-themed decor, this option is ideal. It zips apart for easy storage, but I feel like you’ll want to keep it on display. Gray felt is also a beautiful fabric choice for modern decor.

Gray felt cat bed

Gray Felt House

Have you heard? Wicker is back in a big way, and it can brighten up rooms with Scandi, boho or even tropical tiki style. Your cat can be hipster cool with her own chic little wicker bed. And she probably needs an Instagram account to show off her new digs.

Wicker cat house

Wicker Bed

This fluffy kitty pillow looks so snuggle-worthy that it’s sure to be popular with your fur babies. I’ve got my eye on this one. Even on the off-chance that my cats don’t use it, I can use it as a throw pillow in my minimalist gray bedroom. Looks cozy!

Cozy modern kitty pillow bed

Gray Pillow

This modern cat bed is actually fancier than my bed. If you’re the kind of fur parent who doesn’t mind when your cat has nicer things than you, you need this. The sleek lines of this pet bed will look great in any modern bedroom, and there’s a nice pillow where kitty can rest his chin.

Minimalist modern cat bed

Wooden Bed

Speaking of chin resting, just look at that face! This Boots & Barkley pet bed from Target is Charlie’s very favorite spot. It’s no longer in stock, but Target usually has a similar option available.

Mid-century modern cat bed with happy cat

Mid-Century Modern Cat Furniture

What’s happening here? I didn’t know cat tables were a thing, but I’m loving it! Look at the gorgeous legs on this mid-century modern cat table. This could be a good project to try to DIY, too. You can pick up hairpin legs here.

Mid-century modern cat table

Side Table

If you need to make a spot for kitty in your home office, try this modern cat bowl chair below. The listing says it’s for your cat boss, and there’s an amazing photo of a cat taking business calls. I love that this exists.

Modern ball chair for your cat

Bowl Chair

A cat house with tapered mid-century legs?! This modern piece belongs front and center in the living room.

Mid-century modern cat house

Tunnel Bed

My cats are the proud owners of this mod pod cat house in gray. It has an optional plug-in heat pad that rests under the pillow inside the pod. Jane likes to use this cat house to warm up on a winter day.

Mod pod cat house

Mod Pod Bed

The listing says it’s large enough for any cat. Charlie is on the high end of the scale and he does fit, but it’s a little snug.

Mid-century modern cat bed

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Wall-Mounted Playland

I came across this line of modern cat shelves and cubbies you can use to build an amazing jungle gym along your walls. It’s priced more for 1% cats, but this could inspire a fun DIY project for the 99% kitties.

Check out the pics here for lots of inspiration to build your own cat wall.

Wooden hexagon cat wall shelf

Hexagon Shelf

Space-themed cat house cubby for the wall

Cat Spaceship

Wooden moon shelf for cat

Moon Shelf

Minimalist Cat Trees

So it turns out cat trees don’t have to be covered in carpet! Here are some minimalist, modern cat trees with stylish wood grains, soft memory foam and enough sisal rope to keep kitty busy scratching away.

Modern and minimalist cat tree

Gray Tree

Simple modern cat tower

Medium Wood Tree

Modern wood grain cat tree

Dark Wood Tree

Light wood modern cat tree

Light Wood Tree

Gray cat relaxing

Thank you to The Uncorked Librarian for giving me the idea for this post! We have a shared obsession with pampering our cats.

Here are some more cat decor ideas to display your feline fanaticism all over the house.

6 thoughts on “16 Modern Cat Houses That Will Actually Improve Your Decor”

  1. Such clever and cute cat houses..they all look comfy/cozy for furbabies and very stylish! I know Jane and Charlie do enjoy the ones you have for them. Its awesome that they now make comfy/stylish ones to fit your decor and provide a comfy place for your furbabies to lounge and nap (which we know kitties do alot of! 🙂 ) !!

    • I couldn’t believe how many cute cat beds there are these days…I love the little wicker bed! And I told Eric our huge blank wall above the living room sofa would be a perfect spot to DIY an epic cat wall jungle gym!!

  2. This is the best post!! Since I have two new babies, some of these cat beds will come in handy. We already got a cat tree but it looks good with our decor. These cat tables are hilarious!

    • Thank you, Kelly! This post was fun to put together. I was surprised there are so many different styles of cat beds now.

      Your new kittens are the cutest. So glad you found them. <3

  3. Oh my gosh: I never thought to get a wall-mounted cat tree. Those are so cute. Sad Maine Coon story: I can just picture my babies flinging themselves at the wall to get on one (they are BIG cats) and just bouncing right off. lol! I really want to try one, though. I love the little bamboo beds too. Those are super stylish. We have a giant Pier 1 (cough, cough, expensive) bean bag that the babies love. Our two oranges own it now, and when they sleep in it, we joke that they are kitty tacos. That’s their fav, especially when it’s cold. I cannot tell you how many cat trees that we have too. Thanks so much for making a post with my suggestion. I love it. Is it too early to buy my furbabies Christmas presents?

    • Haha, it’s not too early to buy them Valentine’s presents! I bet they make the cutest kitty tacos in their bean bag. I’m really thinking about getting this pillow because kitty tacos sound adorable. I thought the cat walls were so cool too. Sometimes people add ledge steps low to the ground so your babies won’t have to fling themselves! 😆


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