Mod Kitty in the Garden: Free Printable Art

Cats and gardening go paw in paw. Many gardeners spend just as much time cuddling cats as they do sowing seeds and pulling weeds. So it was about time I made a set of printable art for the cat-loving nature enthusiasts among us.

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Mod Kitty and Rain Boots

Gardening is always more fun with a helper. Here’s a mid-century style printable of a black cat keeping close watch on the yard, accompanied by a gardener in cheerful yellow rain boots bedazzled with Sputniks.

Mid-century modern style cat art with gardener in yellow rain boots

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Audrey Hepburn Gardening Quote

This is my favorite gardening quote: “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow,” from the lovely Audrey Hepburn. Display it with your gardening cat prints near your potting table or wherever you need a dose of inspiration.

Inspirational gardening quote by Audrey Hepburn ("To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.")

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Mod Kitty in the Garden

If you’ve ever watched a cat in your garden, you’ve probably noticed that they love to linger in lush foliage. Disguised by ferns and maple trees, they can observe local wildlife…or just enjoy a peaceful nap.

Modern kitty surrounded by ferns and a maple tree

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My Gardening Muse

I have been very lucky to have a gardening companion in my neighbor’s cat, Echo. This friendly black kitty has slept beneath my shrubs, inspected my new plants and happily posed for many a nature photo.

Black cat walking through ferns in the garden with a maple tree in the background
Friendly black cat helping out in the garden
Sweet cat relaxing by the ferns in the garden

His sweet face is the perfect muse, right? I hope you enjoy these prints. And if someone in your life makes you smile, go give them extra snuggles, kisses and cat treats today.

Get All the Gardening Cat Printables

You can print the whole set in this PDF or pick your favorites. I included a gardener with lighter skin and darker skin. Display them in document frames or cut them to fit 8×10-inch frames.

Garden printables featuring a modern black cat, a gardener in yellow rain boots and a gardening quote

Free printables featuring a black cat, a gardener in yellow rain boots and a gardening quote
Free mod kitty gardening printables

4 thoughts on “Mod Kitty in the Garden: Free Printable Art”

  1. The garden mod cats are adorable! Love the Audrey Hepburn quote…it gives a person a feeling of hope! (She was my favorite actress!) It’s so awesome that Echo hangs out with you when you are gardening. He has such a sweet face and looks like such a nice kitty! It’s nice to have a gardening “buddy” to help you.


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