Mid-Century Style Doormats to Freshen Up Your Front Porch

Whether you prefer retro starbursts or modern minimalism, there’s a mid-century style doormat to fit your home. Here are some fun options, including a 1960s original that is still being made today.

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Mid-Century Style Doormats

Starry Welcome Mat

This doormat has atomic stars and a whimsical font to spruce up any mid-century modern ranch. The simple coir and black print will complement a brightly painted door.

Mid-century modern welcome mat with retro stars

Starry Welcome

Polka Dot Doormat

How are we for polka dots, do we need more? The answer is always yes! This classic doormat will give your patio 1950s charm.

Cute retro polka dot doormat

Polka Dots

AstroTurf Daisies

For a durable yet darling option, nothing compares to the AstroTurf daisy doormat born in 1965. One of the creators was interviewed here saying, “They clean your feet. They catch the dirt. I just don’t see why everybody doesn’t want one.”

AstroTurf Daisy Doormat for a retro mid-century front porch

AstroTurf Daisies

I have to say I agree! The daisy doormat brings retro cuteness to my Trex deck. Apparently it’s a desirable lounging spot, too.

Gray cat Jane relaxing on an AstroTurf daisy doormat, the classic 1960s style

Dirt Grabber Mat

I also have a rubber doormat with this “dirt grabber” mesh weave that withstands all kinds of Pacific NW weather. It comes in several colors including mid-century pink, so it is just as pretty as it is functional.

Pink dirt grabber doormat

Pink Dirt Grabber

Modern Rectangles

Combining black rubber and plain coir, this doormat looks both stylish and tough. It is heavy on the mid-century modern vibes with overlapping rectangles and clean lines.

Overlapping rectangles doormat


Stylish Squares

My personal favorite is this all-weather doormat complete with minimalist, dirt-trapping squares. Over the many years that I’ve had this on my front porch, it has never faded or worn out, in spite of the Portland rain, snow and mud. SO MUCH MUD.

Black all-weather squares doormat


This doormat isn’t flashy, but I love the modern square pattern. And with large sizes and a low pile, it’s the ideal base for layering seasonal rugs over the top.

Mid-century modern doormat with black squares

Geometric Doormat

If you prefer having more color on your porch, try this heavy duty mesh mat with an abstract design. The mid-century orange, yellow and blue will tie in with a mod decor scheme.

Colorful mid-century modern mesh doormat


Hello, Goodbye

Finally, you can embrace the later years of the mid-century era with this Beatles-inspired doormat. The best part will be having this song in your head every time you leave the house.

Beatles Hello, Goodbye doormat

Hello, Goodbye

Styling Your Mid-Century Porch

Along with a new doormat, you can add more mid-century style to your porch with bold paint and a DIY card wreath. Soften the look with fresh greenery in a modern planter like this one from Hip Haven.

Mid-century modern front porch with black doormat, orange bullet planter, MCM cone light and starburst door knob

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4 thoughts on “Mid-Century Style Doormats to Freshen Up Your Front Porch”

  1. Love all these doormats! Very Cool!! (I see Jane found her favorite! 🙂 ) You have shown lots of options and examples. You would think picking out a doormat would be an easy thing to do…but it’s not! We did it last year (one for the front door and one for the back sliding door/patio.) It was not easy and took time looking and deciding. You’ve done a great job of narrowing it down for the MCM shoppers! (And now I have that Beatle’s song in my head …lol)

    • Thanks, Judy! Agreed, it can be tricky finding doormats. I love the coir doormats but those usually won’t last as long, so I prefer the very durable, all-weather ones myself. But sometimes it’s fun to pick a seasonal style to mix things up for a while!

      I had a great time hunting down MCM versions. And when I saw the interview about the history of the AstroTurf daisy doormat, I had to go pick up a couple of those for our deck and shop. I always loved that style. I am happy they are still making them after all these years.

      Both of the cats took over the daisy doormat right away. They are loving it!

  2. I love that Beatles doormat! Funny thing is, I used to have the original 45 with that song on one side, and I Am the Walrus, on the other. I have no idea where it went, these many years later.


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