Decorating With Turquoise: The Color Every Mid-Century Modern House Needs

When you’re decorating a mid-century modern home, color can be just as important as shape and style. The right shade can transform an average room into a retro haven.

I’ve tried a rainbow assortment of colors in my house, and there is one color that always works for creating a mid-century mood: turquoise. That irresistible aqua is somehow vibrant and peaceful all at once.

Turquoise manages to feel serene without being dull. And it’s decidedly mod.

This article is a love letter to all things turquoise. Read on for several ideas for implementing turquoise into your home, with the corresponding paint colors and accessories linked below the photos so you can re-create the looks.

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That Turquoise Front Door

Don’t you love a door that catches your eye with a fun color? A turquoise door stands out against a brown house, but it can also look sharp against a white or gray house. Turquoise on white says Palm Springs to me. It creates the feeling that you’re lounging poolside with a drink in your hand (yes, please).

Turquoise front door on a brown mid-century modern house

Sherwin Williams Cooled Blue | Sherwin Williams Shagbark | Sputnik wreath DIY | Bowtie wall sconce

Colorful Planters and Plant Stands

You can carry the turquoise color throughout your home with planters. This makes it easy to keep fairly neutral walls and furniture while adding impactful colors on a smaller scale. Turquoise effortlessly works with contrasting colors, tying olive green and orange together while complementing the plant foliage.

P.S. All of the plants pictured are easy to keep alive with little maintenance. Not Pictured: The lemon and lime trees that refused to stay alive in my non-tropical Pacific NW home.

Fun modern planters in turquoise, orange and avocado mid-century colors

Plant stand | Bullet planter | DIY plant stand (paint it turquoise!)

Small Turquoise Accents With a Big Impact

These parrot string lights bring on the kitsch in the best way. They echo the colors of the Eames book, with little pops of turquoise. On the bottom shelf a trio planter adds more turquoise to the mix.

The parrots were supposed to be for my future tiki bar. But since it could be a little while until I build that, I obviously had no choice but to display the parrots in the living room immediately.

Houseplant display with turquoise accents on book, string lights and planters

Parrot string lights | Eames: Beautiful Details book | Turquoise planter (here’s an alternative)

Aqua Bathroom Joy

Mid-century bathrooms often lean in to a single color, like the 1950s all pink bathroom and tub look. Those color heavy bathrooms are gorgeous retro time capsules. But if you want a bathroom that dials back the color just a bit, a light aqua paint can honor the mid-century style in a fresh and modern way.

This bathroom got a facelift with Benjamin Moore Robin’s Nest. It’s several shades lighter than the Cooled Blue above, making it a good option for interior walls where you don’t want the color to be quite as loud as the front door.

Mid-century modern pendant lamp in aqua bathroom

Benjamin Moore Robin’s Nest | Rejuvenation Astron pendant light (here’s an alternative in white)

Guest Room Anchored in Turquoise

Bedding and throw pillows offer a low risk way to experiment with color. This cat-themed bedroom has vanilla walls with a gray linen bed.

Most of the personality comes through in the bedding and cat pillows, which are easy to swap out. The bedspread is darker than the turquoise paint colors above but still feels like it’s from the same family. It ties in without being too matchy.

Turquoise bedspread in mid-century modern bedroom

Cat pillow (here’s an alternative) | Turquoise bedspread (here’s an alternative)

Bring on the Mid-Century Turquoise

I’m a big fan of color and have lots of favorites depending on the situation. When it comes to home decor and design, turquoise is my top choice, especially in a mid-century home.

If your home feels like it’s missing something, give it a healthy dose of turquoise. It might be just what you need to set that mid-century modern vibe and bring your decor together.

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11 thoughts on “Decorating With Turquoise: The Color Every Mid-Century Modern House Needs”

  1. I love the splashes of turquoise you have thruout your house..It is both vibrant and peaceful (I can attest to this having slept in the turquoise guestroom many times 😉 ). I also find it inviting and cheerful and gives your home a “homey” feeling. It puts the “mod” in Mid-century Modern.

  2. I have pops of aqua and turquoise all over my 1959 home. My biggest issue is controlling myself and not painting every surface with it 🙂

  3. Do you have a favorite turquoise in spray paint? I have Googled turquoise and mid-century modern and that color runs the gamut.


  4. Hi Tara,
    I love that turquoise color on the front door but it doesn’t seems to be the right color when I click on the Sherwin Williams link, looks more green than blue-ish but it could be the website resolution or even my eye, I know everyone sees color different
    Anyways, just double checking you got the right name on it
    Love your work and appreciate your help


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