The Coziest Throw Blankets for Your Mid-Century Modern Home

It’s snuggle season, and hygge levels are high. On these cold and rainy days, don’t you want to curl up with a blanket, a couple of cats and your favorite human?

This stormy weather has inspired me to hunt for a new throw blanket that meets three criteria.

  1. Style: Has to fit with mid-century modern decor.
  2. Color: Needs a calming color scheme that doesn’t clash with bright decor, like my orange couch.
  3. Comfort: Must still somehow be soft and hygge ready (that’s Danish for joyfully cozy, loosely translated by me).

Sometimes the clean lines of mid-century modern style seem to be the enemy of coziness. If you love mid-mod, you might feel like you can’t have any softness in your decor. But no one wants to sink down for a leisurely nap on “clean lines.”

Cozy and modern throw blankets that are cat-approved

So what does a mid-century modern throw blanket look like? Does it have to be stark and simple?

I poked around on the internet and found these blankets that actually meet all of my criteria. They are modern and pretty while still being cozy enough for a sacred afternoon nap.

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Cozy Modern Throw Blankets

Modern Geometric Triangle Blanket

The diamond pattern of this woven throw gives it a modern vibe. It’s light and fun, but the gray and white color scheme keeps it from overpowering the room. It would look lovely draped over the arm of a mid-century sofa.

Chunky Cable Knit Throw

The textured knit in this blanket feels modern, while the yarn still looks soft enough for an impromptu cuddle session. It comes in several colors including orange, gray and beige.

The Boho Mod Fringe Blanket We All Need

This blanket is slightly more boho than mid-century modern, but isn’t the pretty woven pattern calling out to you? It comes in a few different color combos, including one with mustard tassels that I love.

But to meet criteria 2 (calming colors), I bought the taupe and white version. I was surprised by how heavy, warm and cozy it is.

Modern neutral throw blankets on mid-century sofa

I like that this blanket still adds interest with the varied pattern and fun tassels, but it’s not competing with my couch or the colorful planters all over my living room.

It’s also big enough to cover you up for a nap. And it is softer than I expected for a yarn woven throw, although it’s not quite as soft as a Sherpa blanket, because nothing is.

Classic Mid-Century Wool Throw

For a more purist mid-century modern look, wool is a good choice and oh so warm. This one comes in several retro colors, like yellow, turquoise, pink and gray. Actually I’m kind of upset it comes in so many of my favorite colors, because I can only responsibly pick one, right?

Geometric Sherpa Blanket (My New Poncho)

Have you ever encountered anything cozier than a Sherpa fleece blanket? They usually don’t look particularly modern, but this one has a geometric flower petal pattern that brings it over to the mod side.

It reminds me of the mid-century clover leaf breezeblocks in my side yard. The gray version of this blanket found its way onto my couch, and I love how soft, fluffy and hygge-ready it is.

Cozy blanket on mid-century modern couch

As a year-round super user of throw blankets, I consider myself a connoisseur. I’ve been living with my new modern Sherpa throw for a couple of weeks now, and I can confirm that it is extra cozy and deserving of daily couch use.

If I cut a hole in the middle and start wearing it as a poncho until sunny days return, would that be weird?

4 thoughts on “The Coziest Throw Blankets for Your Mid-Century Modern Home”

  1. Your new throws are great and they go wonderfully with the orange couch and mid-century mod design….very inviting to curl up and take a nap or watch a movie!….And no, I don’t think it would be weird to wear the one as a poncho with the cold weather you have been having in the great Northwest! 😉


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