Give Your Mailbox a Mid-Century Modern Makeover

Is your mailbox leaning over, hanging by a screw, or just dingy and sad?

It’s easy to neglect this receptacle of unwanted credit offers (and wanted pizza coupons). But with a weekend and some paint, you can turn your mailbox into a mid-century modern focal point that boosts your curb appeal.

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Mid-Century Modern Mailbox Makeover

Grab a sponge and let’s get started!

1. Clean the Mailbox

Your mailbox sits out in the weather year-round taking a beating. One of the first things you can do is give it a good scrubbing. Wash all the grime away, and clean it up with Simple Green or an all-purpose cleaner.

Then the real transformation begins.

2. Give It a Paint Job

A fresh mid-century paint color can completely change the look of your mailbox. We painted ours in Sherwin Williams Cooled Blue to match our front door and house accents.

Painting our mid-century mailbox with Sherwin Williams Cooled Blue paint

First Eric scuffed up our mailbox with steel wool and primed it to get the best paint application. He rolled on the outdoor paint with a mini roller.

Then he painted our new post in Sherwin Williams Shagbark.

3. Replace the Mailbox Post

If your mailbox is lopsided like mine was, it might be time for a new post.

This is a good job for a Saturday afternoon, so the concrete has all day Sunday to dry before the mail comes again on Monday.

Old mid-century mailbox about to get a makeover with new paint and post
After updating a mid-century modern mailbox with turquoise paint and mod address numbers

Make sure to comply with your local mailbox requirements. You can check the United States Post Office requirements here.

We placed our post 6-8 inches from the street and 41-45 inches from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox. Eric’s dad helped out and we got it done in no time.

Here’s a video showing the basic process.

However, we usually mount our various posts (fence, deck, mailbox, etc.) above the concrete, rather than in the concrete. That way the wood isn’t sitting in the abundant rainwater we get.

To do that, you insert a bracket into the concrete, let it dry, and then bolt your post into the bracket. Here’s an example of how that works.

4. Add Mid-Century Address Numbers

Now you can add major mid-century style with new address number decals.

There are lots of options on Etsy and Amazon. You’ll customize with your street number, and the seller will send you a sticker ready to be placed on the mailbox.

Turquoise MCM mailbox update with new number decals and post

I picked these vinyl Modbox numbers inspired by MCM architect Richard Neutra’s aesthetic. Modbox also makes beautiful mid-century modern mailboxes.

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5. Line It With Contact Paper

As a finishing touch, you might want to place shelf liner inside your mailbox.

Modern contact paper lining the inside of a mid-century mailbox

My mailbox had a mat inside, so I wrapped it in contact paper for a polished look.

Shelf liner is easy to wipe clean, and the mod pattern completes the makeover with an extra bit of mid-century cuteness.

Mid-century modern ranch with turquoise mailbox and mod address numbers

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You could keep it simple with just a cleanup and new numbers, or do the full makeover with a new post and paint color. A few details will go a long way in your mid-century modern mailbox makeover.

Mid-century modern mailbox makeover - new paint, post and retro address numbers
Mid-century modern mailbox update - new turquoise paint, post and retro address numbers

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  1. Love your MCM mailbox..looks so cool matching your house colors! (I remember the mailbox makeover when we visited! šŸ˜‰ )
    Just look at the pic of your guys have done so many improvements in what? Almost 8 years? It has great curb appeal!! Looks great!


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