Find the Right Lighting for Your Mid-Century Modern House

Did your mid-century modern house receive an unfortunate 1980s remodel? This common problem left many a mod house with not-so-mod lighting fixtures, like a stained glass chandelier in my case.

Luckily, light fixtures are easy to replace. Unlike a bad kitchen update, this remodel mistake is simple to correct. You can return your home to its mid-century glory with era-appropriate lighting if you know where to look.

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Where to Find Mid-Century Modern Light Fixtures

We’ve replaced several lights at my house so far. That stained glass light made way for a George Nelson Bubble Lamp, among other changes. I’ve found a few stores that always have modern lighting fixtures for my 1960s house.

  • Rejuvenation: This store has several nationwide locations and also sells online, so you can get modern lights shipped to your door. Sometimes they have good clearance options, too.
  • Practical Props: Based in Hollywood, this store supplies the props for some of your favorite mid-century shows and movies, but they can supply lights for your home, too. They have a selection of globe lights, sconces and Sputniks that I love.
  • Amazon: You have to do a little more digging on Amazon since the selection is so vast, but they do offer authentic Herman Miller produced lights to match your sweet style.
  • Classifieds – Local and Online: Before paying full price, it’s a good idea to check Craigslist, eBay and other resellers to see if you can find a deal. I got a deep discount this way.

Here’s a highlight reel of my favorite lights from these stores. These mid-century modern light fixtures are perfect to brighten up your retro home.

Classic Globe Light

Add a touch of mod whimsy with globe lights. They work over a kitchen island, hanging from a vaulted ceiling or just about anywhere in a mid-century house. I have globe lights from Practical Props lighting up my craft room and kitchen.

Mid-century modern kitchen lights including globe, pinhole pendants and bubble light

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George Nelson Bubble Lamp

You can’t go wrong with George Nelson. Choose from the whole collection of Bubble Lamps to add impact to your home. This crisscross saucer pendant is begging to illuminate your dining room.

Modern use of neutral paint colors

Modern Cone Lights

I’m a bit obsessed with bow tie lights (AKA cone lights), especially those of the pinhole variety. The Galaxy chandelier from Rejuvenation can command an entryway or add sophistication to a home office. This is one piece we luckily found pre-owned on Craigslist…always check it first!

Rejuvenation Galaxy Narrow Chandelier, a mid-century modern cone chandelier

Below, this cone pendant adds a bit of personality to a minimalist bedroom.

Rejuvenation Galaxy Pendant, a mid-century modern cone light

Saucer Pendant Light

I can’t get enough pendants! This retro saucer pendant has a Jetsons feel (previously available at Rejuvenation). Try it in a bathroom or as accent lighting for a bedroom. You might remember this one from my ode to turquoise.

Mid-century modern pendant saucer light

Sputnik Chandelier

Finally, go Sputnik whenever possible. Give your entryway a Sputnik chandelier focal point.

If you’re feeling extra bold, complement it with Sputnik style wallpaper and a Sputnik wreath.

Sputnik chandelier in mid-century modern house with vaulted ceiling

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  1. Love all your mid-century modern light fixtures..they truly add to completing the look of your 1960’s house..You guys have nailed it!! (I feel like I have got in a time machine and took a trip back to the 60’s when I was a teenager! 😉 )


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