Colorful Accessories for a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

Do you love having lots of color in your mid-century modern kitchen decor? I chose modern white for my new kitchen tile and sparkle laminate, to provide a minimalist backdrop for the LOADS of colorful accessories I knew I’d be layering over the top.

Mid-century kitchens often have bold color schemes, commonly sticking to a single color like vintage red or 1950s pastel green, pink or yellow. But you don’t have to commit to a single color. Try these fun accessories and small appliances to create a mid-century kitchen pulling from every color of the rainbow.

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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Decor

Your kitchen is the perfect spot to display your Orla Kiely collection. Go for a mod clock like this George Nelson inspired option. And a bread box is the perfect spot to hide away clutter while showcasing your favorite color.

My uncle gave me this sweet kitty mug for Christmas, and I knew right away it would be a prominent part of my new kitchen decor. What I didn’t know was that it also comes in a series of expressions, like confused kitty and sarcastic troublemaker. Collect them all?

Cute cat tea mug

Cat Mug

Orla Kiely retro jars

Orla Kiely Storage Jars

Funky retro clock


Modern orange bread box

Bread Box

Modern Kitchen Rugs

Throw down a solid color runner rug, or look for a funky pattern. Anti-fatigue mats are always nice when you’re on your feet in the kitchen. There are some modern options, or you can opt for a plain anti-fatigue mat and then put a stylish kitchen rug over the top.

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I chose this braided oval rug, which feels old-fashioned in a comforting way, and the bright turquoise color brings it to the modern side. It pairs well with my atomic cat rug that has found its final home in the kitchen, after bouncing around the house for years.

Turquoise oval braided runner rug for the kitchen

Braided Rug

Geometric runner rug

Trellis Rug

Orange and turquoise kitchen rugs

Diamond Rugs

Vintage Kitchen Towels

The easiest way to add some color to your kitchen is to swap out the kitchen towels. And you have a lot of options.

Mid-century modern kitchen towels hanging on stove

Maybe you need a towel with attitude. There are endless sarcastic housewife tea towels to showcase varying degrees of drinking problems. One of my favorites asks, “Oops, did I buy wine again instead of milk?” Yes, turns out I did.

Housewife kitchen towel

Retro Towel

Retro housewife towel

Housewife Towel

Colorful mid-century modern Swedish dishcloths

Swedish Dishcloths

You might also like to make your own colorful DIY cloth napkins to dress up your dining room table.

Modern Pet Bowls for Stylish Cats

Hold on…I need to go adopt more pets so I can collect all of these mid-century modern pet bowls, especially this one that looks like a spaceship.

The pretty terrazzo style bowl is part of Jonathan Adler’s line of adorable pet products.

Mid-century modern pet feeding bowl, spaceship style

Spaceship Bowl

Jonathan Adler terrazzo pet bowl

Terrazzo Style Bowl

Modern pink pet bowls on stands

Pink Pet Bowls

Retro Style Kitchen Appliances

There are retro style appliances in every shade of the mid-century rainbow, like a banana yellow stand mixer or a pastel green Smeg toaster. Mix and match or stick to one shade. Either way you’ll end up with irresistible color in your kitchen.

Mid-century Smeg toaster

Smeg Toaster

Stand Mixer

Retro microwave


Pink tea kettle

Tea Kettle

And the Cutest Mid-Century Faucet…

Eric tracked down this cute cute cute 1950s style faucet for our sink. At first I thought it might be a bit too old-fashioned for our very modern and modular sink. But I’m glad I came around, because this faucet is mid-century perfection.

Dishmaster Imperial Four retro style kitchen faucet

Aptly named the “Dishmaster,” the faucet originated in 1948 as a state-of-the-art tool to revolutionize the domestic art of washing dishes. It was ahead of its time with a helpful dish-washing wand that distributes soapy water. And thankfully it’s still in production after 70 years, so you can get a new Dishmaster for your mid-century kitchen.

This faucet requires a four-hole sink. You can use a hole cutter to add holes in your sink if needed. We did it with 3-in-1 oil to smooth out the cutting, and it worked great.

Dishmaster Imperial Four XL retro kitchen faucet

Dishmaster Faucet

Whether you keep your color scheme on the simple side or go full rainbow, a few thoughtful mid-century accessories can transform your kitchen to a memorable, inviting space with tons of personality.

4 thoughts on “Colorful Accessories for a Mid-Century Modern Kitchen”

  1. Oh Wow! I loved, loved, loved reading todays H & H (dont get me wrong I do enjoy all of them!) So many awesome midcentury items for your kitchen….I lived thru that era and yes, I do remember lots of these which were just normal everyday things at that time. So fun that they have all made their way back into mid century kitchens, (Eric and coffeemakers..well he takes after me..I have gone thru lots of them too. In fact I just got a new red one a few weeks ago.) Anyway loving your “new” kitchen and hopefully will get to see it in person sometime in the future.

    • Thanks, Judy! Glad to hear I found some authentic accessories that line up with what you remember from the MCM times. Haha, you got another coffeemaker, too? Ours started to act up at the beginning of quarantine so we ordered this turquoise one in a hurry. I bet the red one looks great in your kitchen.

  2. oh and I forgot to add I had to laugh at the “Oops did I buy wine again instead of milk?” That is so totally how women were supposed to look, dress, apron and all pretty for their husband when he came home from work with dinner Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to Beaver television shows,,wow now I am really dating myself…


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