Where to Find Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls

Whether you’re remodeling your home or just making a few cosmetic changes, installing mid-century modern cabinet hardware is a quick upgrade with a big impact.

Our 1960s kitchen and bathroom cabinets had some ’90s-style hardware, so we swapped it for retro stars, boomerangs and dish knobs. Here are our favorite types of cabinet hardware to add MCM style to your home.

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Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Hardware

Try these new drawer pulls and knobs, and find the best places to hunt down vintage options.

Boomerang Drawer Pull

A lot of our new cabinet hardware came from Rejuvenation, starting with these mid-century modern boomerangs. Also called chevrons, they can be installed horizontally on drawers, or vertically or diagonally on cabinets.

Get boomerangs at Rejuvenation

We used them all over the kitchen, but it also looks nice to mix and match. For example, you can install boomerangs on the drawers and round knobs on the cabinets.

More Boomerangs

Home Depot also sells new boomerangs. Or you could look for some vintage sets on Etsy or eBay.

Round Dish Cabinet Knob

These round dish knobs from Rejuvenation are so adorable, especially with the retro star backplates! I installed them right away in my pink bathroom.

Get round knobs at Rejuvenation

They’re a perfect match for the original knobs on the closets and louvered doors throughout our house.

If the stars feel too busy all over the bathroom or kitchen, one trick is to only use them as accents on the cabinets. Then just install knobs on the adjacent drawers, without backplates.

Round concave dish knob

More Round Knobs

There are lots of places to find round drawer and cabinet knobs for your mid-century house. Check out these options from Amazon, Home Depot and Etsy.

Square Cabinet Knob

For our other bathroom, we used these square knobs and a couple of star backplates from Rejuvenation.

Some people turn them diamond style, and others have them straight up and down. You can also install them with round backplates.

I’ve noticed that the square knobs can get bumped off kilter, so they aren’t always perfectly aligned. If that kind of thing drives you crazy, you might want to stick to the round knobs instead.

More Square Knobs

Here are some more square style knobs to consider for your MCM home.

Arch Drawer Pull

I picked out this arch pull for my MCM nightstand update. It has a simple, modern look.

Mid-century modern simple arch drawer pull on nightstand

Get arch pulls at Home Depot

These can be found in lots of mid-century kitchens and bathrooms. They blend with any style from retro to modern.

More Arch Pulls

There are several modern arch pulls to choose from at Home Depot and Amazon.

Tapered Drawer Pull

I used the “Allendale” pull to make a modern serving tray. It comes in several lengths and finishes, and I love the tapered mid-century style.

Mid-century modern handles for DIY serving tray

More Tapered Options

You can find a large variety of tapered cabinet hardware, including modern knobs and retro bow ties.

Other Places to Find MCM Cabinet Hardware

Before buying new, I like to search for vintage options. In addition to eBay and Etsy, look for reclaimed hardware stores in your area. They can carry used materials as well as “new old stock” to restore your home.

In Portland, we make regular visits to Hippo Hardware. Check out their selection of arch pulls, including mid-century and earlier eras…

Vintage arch drawer pulls from Hippo Hardware
Hippo Hardware

Old Portland Hardware & Architectural has a wall of antique cabinet hardware. In a lot of reclamation stores, you’ll need to do some digging to find the mid-century styles.

Wall of vintage cabinet hardware, drawer pulls and knobs at Old Portland Hardware & Architectural
Old Portland Hardware & Architectural

With careful inspection, you might find some concave dish knobs like these beauties.

You might also like these ideas for fixing up your mid-century home.

10 thoughts on “Where to Find Mid-Century Modern Cabinet Hardware and Drawer Pulls”

  1. I had never gave that much thought to how many different types of cabinet hardware there is. (I don”t think we have ever shopped for any.) I do love the MCM choices you made for your house. Love the little ones you have in your pink bathroom..too cute!! You guys have totally nailed remodeling your MCM house back to the 60’s! (I know it’s taken alot of sweat, love and time but the results are worth it!)

  2. Hi Tara! Just wanted to say thank you for this post – I just got my boomerang cabinet pulls from Rejuvenation. They are fabulous! Can’t believe what a big impact they had on my tired old bathroom. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. I hate to rain on your parade, but I have recently discovered (while also looking for hardware for our kitchen cabinets) that most brass hardware, and many other metals contain lead. There are no regulations on the lead content. The reason I’m posting here is because many vintage pieces are especially high in lead, again especially if brass, but it can be in any metal. Just a heads up for you and your readers, especially if there are children in the household. I love all things vintage and wish I could go hunting for some nice vintage handles, but I restrain myself to try to keep our house as low lead as possible.

  4. I am looking for 3 “boomerang kitchen cabinet hardware pulls for my 1960s maple cabinets. I would actually settle for any new pulls that have small screws for attaching. Our cabinet doors are thinner than today’s cabinets and all of the screws are much longer. Would you have any suggestions for me? Thank you.

    • Will Rejuvenation’s 3-inch boomerang drawer pulls work? They come with two sizes of screws, including a smaller 1-inch option. If that isn’t small enough, a hardware store could probably help you find smaller screws to fit any drawer pulls, or as a last resort maybe you could add washers under the screws inside your cabinets. Good luck with your kitchen update!


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