Create a Palm Springs Style Breezeway With Unkillable Plants

Have you seen the mid-century modern breezeways of Palm Springs and wished you could recreate the look in your much colder climate?

Or maybe you’re in a warm climate but still struggling to decorate your breezeway and keep your plants alive? I’ve got ideas for you today!

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The Magical Mid-Century Modern Breezeway

If you’re wondering, a breezeway is basically a covered outdoor space between two buildings, often like a roofed hallway between a house and garage. Breezeways are modern, convenient, and the perfect place to showcase your style to visitors.

In sunny areas like Palm Springs, breezeways tie the indoors and outdoors together in an outdoor living room. They usually feature planters full of lush tropical plants and a set of cozy lounge chairs, under a roof providing protection from the sun.

And that roofed outdoor protection can be beneficial in any climate. Here in rainy Portland, I love that my large breezeway keeps my front door dry year-round. Breezeways make it easier to soak up extra outdoor time.

Mid-century modern breezeway with turquoise lounge chairs and modern planters

One Problem With Breezeways

The dry shade of a breezeway is a benefit until you try to grow those tropical plants that are so pretty in Palm Springs. Most plants need some sun, or at least some rain, and breezeways offer neither.

If you’re a dedicated plant parent, you could try to grow shade-loving plants and just remember to water them frequently. But if you’re like me, you probably won’t be thinking about watering plants in the middle of December when you’re getting hit with a daily onslaught of rain.

My Secret to Finding Unkillable Plants

After losing a few plants to lack of water, I finally made the switch to unkillable plants in my breezeway. And by that I mean artificial plants. Yes, I’m guilty of using fake plants, and I have no regrets.

Mid-century modern Palm Springs style breezeway with concrete planters and decorative rock

These beautiful evergreen grasses always look gorgeous. They never need pruning or watering, and you can’t kill them. And since they’re in a breezeway, they haven’t faded from sun or weather damage.

Add Palm Springs Style to Your Breezeway in Any Climate

With artificial plants and a few modern accessories, you can give your breezeway a dash of Palm Springs style, whether you’re in California or Canada. Here’s how it’s done.

What You’ll Need

Create a Focal Point With Modern Planters

Find an attractive spot for your row of planters, possibly lining the garage wall.

If you’re placing them in a flower bed like I did, add a layer of paver sand and rake it smooth to provide a level area for your planters. If you’re using a paved area, you can level your planters with shims.

Use a tape measure to space the planters equidistant from each other and centered in the space. Then gradually add sand or shims as needed until the planters are all level.

Start filling your planters, being careful not to move them. Place heavy items in the bottom of the planters to help hold them in place. Unwanted rocks, gravel, or broken concrete pieces work well for this.

Planting artificial grass in a modern concrete planter with white decorative rock

For the rest of the filler, add something to “plant” your artificial plants into. Maybe you have extra dirt that you can steal from your backyard.

Place your artificial plants into the dirt, centered in each planter. Add enough dirt to be about level with the tops of the artificial plant pots, and then add a three-inch layer of white marble chips.

Finally, if you placed your concrete planters on sand, top off the area with two inches of pea gravel and rake it smooth. Are you feeling those Palm Springs vibes?

Modern decorative grass in concrete planters in mid-century modern breezeway

Lounge So Hard With a Set of Modern Chairs

Now that your focal point is complete, create a seating area so you can relax and enjoy it. I got my turquoise lounge chairs from IKEA.

You could also try a cute set of patio chairs like these, and add a few graphic outdoor pillows.

Bring on the Mod Accessories

Hang a few flower baskets or modern lanterns, and add an outdoor rug to tie it all together.

Then spruce up the door with a DIY retro Sputnik wreath like this one. You can make this yourself!

Turquoise mid-century modern front door with retro wreath

It also helps to paint your door with a pop of color like turquoise or yellow, and give your whole house a fresh coat of paint.

One of the best parts of this Palm Springs style breezeway is that it’s very low maintenance. Once you add your artificial plants, all they really need is a little dusting or leaf blowing periodically to clear out any leaves. Much easier than keeping real plants alive, right?

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10 thoughts on “Create a Palm Springs Style Breezeway With Unkillable Plants”

  1. Your “Palm Springs” breezeway looks awesome!! I can feel the Palm Springs vibes just looking at it! A Little bit of “Cali” brought to Oregon!! Low maintenance and looks great..plants look real!

  2. Glad to see this esp coz im in Portland too and have the same dilemma! Mind if i ask how much those planters cost and which Nursery?

    • Oh, cool! I got the planters at Portland Nursery. They have two locations on the east side. I think the planters were around $99 each, and they have other sizes and shapes too.

  3. I love your front door. Its very similar to mine. I am trying to find a new one as mine needs to be replaced. Is yours the original one to the house or part of your rennovations?

  4. Hi this looks great and just what I was looking for. Can you please tell me the measurements of the space/area where the planters are? Trying to figure out how many I would need for my space.


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