Have a Kewpie Doll Christmas With These Etsy Finds

Looking for an unexpected way to infuse your Christmas decor with major cuteness? Add Kewpie dolls.

Their large eyes, playful grins and 20th century nostalgia are especially charming during the holidays.

Kewpie doll in a Christmas dress surrounded by pink trees
Here’s my girl in a new Christmas dress.

Even if you don’t have a Kewpie doll, you can join in the fun with ornaments, cards and pillow covers inspired by the beloved antique.

Etsy has everything you need for a Kewpie doll Christmas.

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Kewpie Christmas Decor

Retro Pillow Cover by vinnieboyvintage

Let the Kewpies take over your furniture with this super soft pillow cover. It’s printed with pink candy stripes and a grinning Kewpie doll in a Santa hat.

Retro pillow cover with Kewpie doll in Santa hat by vinnieboyvintage
Photo Credit: vinnieboyvintage

The pillow cover comes with a hidden zipper and red tassels on the corners that you can check out in the listing.

Complement it with even more Christmas decor from the vinnieboyvintage shop. They have stockings, buntings and reusable gift bags printed with retro graphics.

Decor Plaque by blueraspberrycharms

Spruce up your shelves with these snow-loving Kewpies. This is a Rose O’Neill postcard illustration printed on rice paper and secured to hardboard to make a festive plaque.

Wall plaque art with an illustration of Kewpie dolls in the snow for sale by blueraspberrycharms
Photo Credit: blueraspberrycharms

Be sure to watch the video in the listing. You can see that the artist added a red bow and sparkling glass glitter for extra magic.

At 5 x 7 inches, it’s the perfect size to accessorize a shelf or Christmas village display. The blueraspberrycharms shop also has garland, table decor and more ideas for holidays throughout the year.

Kewpie Doll Ornaments

Plushie Ornaments by WonderTreasures

Trim the tree with these soft and squishy gingerbread ornaments. You can choose the pants or skirt style with a red or green button, or collect them all.

Gingerbread cookie ornaments with Kewpie doll faces by WonderTreasures
Photo Credit: WonderTreasures

The artist sews cotton Kewpie doll faces onto handmade plushies. I had a hard time picking a favorite among the gingerbread, reindeer and candy cane options.

There are even more to choose from in the WonderTreasures shop, including Halloween Kewpies.

Metal Ornaments by RoseCabinCraft

Add more mischievous Kewpie dolls to your tree with these flat metal ornaments. They are made with a button press and ribbon to hang on the tree.

Mischievous Kewpie doll Christmas ornament by RoseCabinCraft
Photo Credit: RoseCabinCraft

There are three design options, including Kewpies getting into trouble around the fireplace, playing on a wreath, or dancing with Santa.

The RoseCabinCraft shop is full of button ornaments for every style. Proceeds benefit their cat sanctuary for kitties who can’t be adopted.

Kewpie Christmas Stationery

Glitter Gift Tags by THEVELVETRABBIT

Once your tree’s all dressed up, don’t forget about the gifts! Embellish them with sparkly gift tags featuring Kewpie dolls peeking out of Christmas stockings.

Kewpie Christmas gift tags by THEVELVETRABBIT

These 5-inch long tags come in a set of eight. The artist paints German glitter on the tags and attaches 20-inch red ribbon to adorn your gifts.

Find even more vintage style decor, gift tags and digital downloads in THEVELVETRABBIT shop.

Holly Jolly Christmas Card by LisaBuchanan

Put a smile on someone’s face with this Christmas card. It’s covered in precious Kewpies bundled up in Santa outfits.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas card by LisaBuchanan with Kewpie dolls dressed as Santa Claus
Photo Credit: LisaBuchanan

With multiple layers of festive cardstock complete with a satin bow, this card will make a memorable keepsake for the Kewpie fan in your life. You could also add it to a card wreath or pin it to the tree to enjoy throughout the holidays.

Check out the LisaBuchanan shop to find handmade cards for all sorts of special occasions.

Christmas Wreath Card by KatyDidsCards

This Christmas card is a reproduction of a Rose O’Neill print featuring a wreath full of ribbon-bedazzled Kewpies.

Christmas card by KatyDidsCards with Kewpie dolls on a wreath
Photo Credit: KatyDidsCards

You can choose from one of three Christmas greetings on the front, or leave the space under the wreath blank. There’s also an option to order this image as a print, magnet, bookplate or set of stickers.

The KatyDidsCards Etsy shop has tons of cards with vintage graphics for a nostalgic Christmas.

Christmas Stickers by boopsiedaisy

Finally, you can give all of your decor a dash of Kewpie Christmas style with these Santa Babies stickers.

"Santa Babies" Christmas stickers by boopsiedaisy with retro Kewpie dolls on the holidays
Photo Credit: boopsiedaisy

The set includes 17 stickers of festive Kewpie dolls celebrating the holiday season. One of them is enjoying my favorite Christmas movie, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Plaster these stickers on gift tags, cards and ornaments. And check out the boopsiedaisy shop for more Kewpie stickers and prints.

More Cuteness

In addition to the Etsy finds above, you can create a Kewpie Christmas by getting a new holiday outfit for your doll. I made a Christmas dress and headband for my Kewpie with this Santa and snowman fabric from Jo-Ann’s.

Kewpie doll wearing a festive dress on Christmas

Etsy has lots of antique Kewpie dolls for sale to expand your collection.

You might also want to pick up a tote bag (or several) to wrap gifts.

And you can even get an “ugly” Christmas shirt that is actually chock-full of Kewpie cuteness.

Gray cat staring down a Kewpie doll in a Christmas dress surrounded by pink decor

I’m loving my Kewpie doll Christmas display, even if my cat Jane isn’t a fan.

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Kewpie doll Christmas decor ideas - cards, stickers, pillows, gift tags, ornaments and more
Kewpie doll holiday decor ideas - ornaments, cards, art and more

6 thoughts on “Have a Kewpie Doll Christmas With These Etsy Finds”

  1. LOL! Jane is not to sure of this Kewpie doll is she?! I remember Kewpie dolls! You’ve shared lots of ideas and places where you can still find them! Amazing!! I do love how you made yours look adorable in a pretty Christmas outfit. Too cute!! (Your grandma would love how you are taking care of her doll collection and showing them love!)

    • Thanks, Judy! I wish my grandma could see all these doll makeovers. <3 The Kewpie was her favorite that she gave to me a few years ago. I had been wanting to make a special dress for it, and I love how it turned out for Christmas. I don't think Jane likes all the attention this Kewpie has been getting, though!

      There are so many cute things on Etsy. I love all the creative Kewpie ideas people have come up with. 🙂

  2. Thank you a hundred times over for this post! Our adult children graduated from David H. Hickman High School in Columbia, MO. Hickman High School is the only school in the United States with the Kewpie as its mascot. Hickman Kewpies are loyal and ferociously proud of their Kewpies. Football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, softball, baseball, tennis, golf and cheerleading teams sport the kewpie on their uniforms, helmets, hats, letter jackets, t-shirts and sweatshirts. The most amazing thing? Kewpies never get a bit of guff from other schools with Tigers, Trojans and Bruins mascots. Kewpie grads forever say, “Once a kewpie, always a kewpie.” Thank you for all of these fabulous ideas and sources! Even though our kids are 41 & 42 years old, I know they’ll appreciate a kewpie surprise or two this Christmas.

    • Wow, that is so cool! I didn’t know there was a school with a Kewpie mascot, how fun! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I always have fun looking for cute items on Etsy, and I was delighted by all the creative Kewpie ideas people came up with for Christmas. 🙂

  3. Endless smiles scrolling through this! Such a fan of ALL these shops, especially Natalie of Wondertreasures’ work! Thank you Tara for the absolutely awesome homage you’ve paid these pudgy pipsqueaks! Such a sweet assortment to choose from! Kewpie can cute-up ANY house! Love this Christmas tribute to the Planet Earth’s most precious doll! ♥️

    • Thanks, Missy! It was so fun putting this together. I knew there were some cute Kewpie finds on Etsy, but when I stumbled on all the holiday Kewpies it was a cuteness explosion! Haha, pudgy pipsqueaks is the perfect description. 😀


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