How to Install a Light in a Vintage Blow Mold (Easy Guide)

We found an adorable vintage pumpkin blow mold to add to our Halloween decor, but it was missing a light. Luckily it’s surprisingly easy to add a light to a blow mold. Here’s how I did it!

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Lighting a Blow Mold


  • Safety gear (I used gloves and goggles)
  • Blow mold (or plastic pumpkin)
  • LED blow mold light
  • Electric drill and step drill bit
  • Damp cleaning cloth
  • Painter’s tape (optional to protect pumpkin from the drill)
Lighting supplies to add light to retro pumpkin decor

1. Protect the Blow Mold

First, wipe down the blow mold with a damp cloth to remove the dust that usually comes with vintage holiday decor.

Then you can apply painter’s tape around the area where you’re going to add the light. This is optional to help protect the blow mold from scratches in case the drill slips.

Taping a pumpkin blow mold to protect it from the drill bit

My pumpkin already had a hole on the bottom, so that was a good spot for me to add a light without creating additional holes. Consider how you want the light to sit in your blow mold and where you want the wire sticking out in your display.

2. Drill a Hole for the Light

Next you can start drilling. I used a step drill bit to slowly expand the hole to fit the light.

Expanding the hole in a blow mold with a step drill bit

Ideally the drill bit would be big enough to create the correct size hole. In my case the drill bit was a tad too small, so I rotated it around the edges to expand the hole larger than the bit, as you can see in the video. Not the best method, but it worked!

3. Insert the Light

Once the hole is just large enough, you can insert the light. Leave the bottom of the metal prongs on the outside of the blow mold to hold the light snugly in place.

New light for retro pumpkin blow mold decor

I bent the prongs outward to help my pumpkin sit flat. You could also add little furniture pads as needed to balance your blow mold.

Installing a new light in a vintage pumpkin blow mold for Halloween

Here’s how the inside of my blow mold looks with the light installed. I topped it off with the original witch hat, and my display was complete!

New light in a vintage pumpkin blow mold

Retro Halloween Village

My Halloween village got an upgrade this year. I added a dapper black cat and newly wired pumpkin blow mold to the Shiny Brite Halloween tree, haunted houses and cone trees. The scale is questionable, but I’m loving all the mid-century vibes!

Vintage Halloween village with cone trees, black Halloween tree with Shiny Brite ornaments, mid-century cat and a lit-up pumpkin blow mold decor

Lighting up a vintage pumpkin blow mold
Adding a light to a pumpkin blow mold

2 thoughts on “How to Install a Light in a Vintage Blow Mold (Easy Guide)”

  1. Love it! The vintage “Jack” was such an awesome find at the antique store!! And lighting him up? Worked out great and looks great! Don’t be worrying about the scale..your vintage Halloween displays are wonderful and totally put out the Halloween/fall vibes!! (My scale on mine is really questionable but I like it and it makes me happy to look at it and enjoy it so that’s all that matters!) (Your’s inspired me you know!)

    • Thanks, Judy! I am very happy with my little Jack, and adding the light was so easy to brighten him up. I’m glad you’re loving all the cute Halloween decor you picked. It’s always nice to have the Halloween whimsies out on display! 🙂


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