4 Striking Ways to Style an Eames Rocker

Loved by mid-century fans everywhere, the Eames rocker has been in production since 1950 and is still popular today.

Its shell wraps around you, inviting you to settle in with a good book. The metal base keeps the rocker light and airy, allowing light to flow. And the wooden legs add that natural element that we love about mid-century modern design.

If you’ve been mesmerized by this rocker like so many others, this article is for you. Read on to find out where you can get your own Eames rocker, followed by four ideas for styling it once you get this beauty home.

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Where to Find an Eames Rocker

Still in production after nearly 70 years (!), this iconic rocker is probably here to stay awhile. If you don’t have your Eames yet, here’s where you can find one:

  • Try your local antique shops and classifieds first. You never know, maybe some kind soul is selling a vintage rocker at a good price.
  • Order an authentic new rocker. If you’re prepared for the investment, this option lets you customize the shell, base and wood finish. Lots of fun!
  • Save money with a lovely reproduction rocker.

Mid-century modern purists might have noticed that my rocker is not an authentic Eames. As a home decorator on a budget, I purchased a reproduction on Amazon.

I’m sure the real thing would be beautiful, but I love my rocker, too. It’s a bright warm red, and all of the pieces are high quality. This is a joy-sparking rocker for me.

Plus one of the goals of the mid-century modern movement was to make design affordable and attainable for everyone. A little bit of home decor shouldn’t leave you broke.

How to Style Your Eames Rocker

When I first got my rocker home, I tried a few different locations and styles for it. It’s a special chair and deserves just the right styling to highlight its features. Here are some of my favorite ways to style an Eames rocker. Get creative with layout and try different pillows until you get it just right for your home.

Go Atomic

Eames rockers and atomic starbursts are a match made in mid-century heaven. Set a cozy throw blanket over the back of your rocker, keeping it neatly folded so you don’t hide the shape of that pretty shell.

Place a starburst pillow like this or this over the blanket. You’ll snag extra style points if you install a Sputnik chandelier to tie it all together.

Pair an Eames rocker with Sputnik decor

Bring on the Bold Prints and Colors

This rocker can share the room with strong prints without being overshadowed. Slide it up alongside your bed as a cozy spot to get ready in the morning or rest at the end of the day. Give it a throw pillow with mod cats or another fun graphic print.

Style an Eames rocker with bold prints and colors

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Get Chatty

Gorgeous from all sides, the Eames rocker is a good candidate for floating away from the walls. Set it on the edge of a rug facing your sofa to create a stylish conversation area in your mid-century modern living room.

Place an Eames rocking chair in the middle of a living room to showcase the design

Create a Reader’s Escape

To create the perfect retro reading area, set your rocker in front of a mid-century shelving unit. You can build the unit with this tutorial. Warm it up with a super soft pillow.

Use an Eames style rocking chair in your reading corner

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