History of My House

Old houses have stories and meaning built right in, plus a lot of quirky cuteness I can’t resist.

My 1960s house was built by the original owners, the Lindeman family. They had it designed to fit their family of five.

Building a Mid-Century House

Blueprints in hand, they laid the foundation, raised the walls, installed the floors and made this place a home for nearly 50 years.

When they sold the house to us, they kindly shared these old build photos. You can see even the kids pitched in with building this place!

Mid-century house being built, back wall open
Couple building a house in the 1960s

My House in 1966 vs. Now

By the time Eric and I moved in back in 2014, the house needed work (see our remodeling progress). But the structure and design were all there, waiting for some elbow grease to shine them up.

My goal is to restore my home to its original 1966 beauty. Here are the before and after photos showing how it looked then vs. now.

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