DIY Halloween Cone Trees for a Spooky Display

October’s about to get adorably spooky! These Halloween cone trees are easy to make with fabric, poster board and hot glue.

You might remember my pink cone trees from last year’s Christmas village. This year I made a new set with festive orange, black and white fabric for Halloween.

The beauty of these Halloween cone trees is that you can customize them with any fabric to be as cutesy or creepy as you’d like.

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How to Make Halloween Cone Trees

Warm up the hot glue gun and let’s make some cone trees!


  • Poster board
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Halloween fabric (amount varies)
  • Iron and ironing board

Glue and Cut a Cone

Roll your poster board into a cone tree shape, using one corner as the tip of the tree. Hot glue it together as you roll it up.

Let it dry, and then cut the base of the tree flat.

Cut and Iron Halloween Fabric Strips

Next, cut long strips of fabric about four inches wide. Fold them in half and iron them, so they are about two inches wide.

Glue Fabric to the Tree Base

Cut a strip of fabric to go around the base with an inch of overlap. Wrap and glue the fabric around the inside and outside of the base. Fold across the end of the fabric and glue it across the seam.

Glue Fabric Around the Halloween Cone Tree

Next, fold over and glue the edge of a fabric strip, and then glue it over the seam at the base of your Halloween tree.

Then work your way up the tree, gluing along the top of the strip and overlapping the fabric below to cover the frayed edges.

Check out the video to see what I mean.

When you get to the end of a fabric strip, fold over and glue the edge to the tree. Then attach a new fabric strip over it like before, by folding the edge over itself and gluing it down.

Keep gluing the fabric around the cone tree until it goes over the top, so you can fold it down to cover the tip of the tree.

Leave yourself a couple inches of fabric and cut off the rest. Fold over the frayed edges along the top and side of the fabric strip, and glue it all down.

And voilà!

Halloween cone trees lit up with orange glow at dusk

Cute and Spooky Halloween Tree Decor

More is more when it comes to Halloween cone trees.

Try creating a variety of cone tree heights for an interesting display. And then after the holidays you can nest them within each other for easy storage.

My Shiny Brite Halloween tree is the focal point of this display, surrounded by ceramic trees and fabric cone trees. Plus the Cathrineholm-inspired table runner (DIY coming soon!).

Here are some more fun Halloween decorations to go with your cone trees.

Black ceramic Halloween tree
Orange, black and white Halloween garland
Black Halloween tree with orange lights
Orange, black and white paper hanging decorations for Halloween
Candy corn ceramic tree for Halloween

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4 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Cone Trees for a Spooky Display”

  1.’ve done it again! Your DIY cone trees are awesome and your “how to make them” directions are spot on! Your Halloween/fall holiday display looks so festive and fun! Also love the added ceramic and shiny brite tree with decorations, it all comes together for a “feelgood” Halloween/fall time. (Also love the turned out great!) I’m sure you guys are enjoying seeing this every day for this fall time of year. It rocks!!

    • Thanks Judy! They were so much fun to make, and I love Halloween colors! They match my Cathrineholm table runner and coffee pot. 🙂 I do love seeing all the little Halloween trees out on display, with the festive lights at night.


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