How to Make Fabric Cone Trees (in Retro “Pinkmas” Style!)

DIY cone trees might be the most versatile, affordable and cute Christmas decorations you can make.

They are easy to whip up with hot glue and poster board, and you can customize them to fit any style from retro to modern.

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DIY Cone Christmas Trees Tutorial

First off, here’s a video showing how these trees come together. Keep reading below for details about each step.


  • Poster board (easy to get at the Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Fabric (amount varies)
  • Iron and ironing board

Cut and Glue the Cone Tree Shape

Start rolling and forming your poster board into a cone tree shape, using one of the corners as the tip of the tree. Hot glue it together, let it dry and then cut the base of the tree flat.

Storage Tip: If you make different heights of cone trees, then you can stack and store them within each other to save room after the holidays.

Cutting a poster board cone tree shape
DIY cone tree made of poster board

Prepare Fabric Strips

Cut long strips of fabric about four inches wide (or your desired width). Fold the fabric in half so it is two inches wide and iron it.

Measuring and cutting pink fabric strips
Ironing pink fabric strip

Glue Fabric to the Cone Tree Base

Cut off a strip of fabric to glue around your base, leaving it long enough for some overlap. Glue it along the inside of the base of the cone, trying to line up that ironed crease right at the bottom.

Then glue the fabric around the outside of the base. Since this is a cone shape, you’ll get a little bit of fabric bunching throughout this project. That is part of the look and adds an interesting texture.

Gluing fabric to base of cone Christmas tree
Fabric glued to bottom of cone tree DIY

Glue Fabric Around the Cone Tree

Now fold over the end of a strip of fabric and glue it to itself, as shown in the photo below. Then glue that end to the bottom of the tree, covering the seam you made with the bottom layer of fabric.

Gluing pink fabric strip to cone tree

Start wrapping the fabric around the tree, gluing along the top frayed edge of the fabric.

As you wrap the fabric around the tree, cover the frayed edges with the new layers of fabric. Ultimately, just the ironed edges will show, and all the frayed edges will be covered.

Adding a New Fabric Strip

If you get to the end of a fabric strip before finishing a cone tree, glue an edge over itself like before, and glue that over the end of the last strip of fabric.

Try to line up that seam with the beginning seam, so all the seams will be in the back of the tree.

Fabric seam in cone tree DIY
Wrapping fabric around a DIY cone tree

Gluing the Top of the Tree

At the top of the tree, be generous with the glue. Fold over the strip of fabric to cover the tip of the tree with no frayed edges exposed.

Then fold the strip over itself like before, and glue that to the tree to finish off. Again, try to line up the seam with all the previous seams in the back.

Holding pink fabric cone tree in front of Christmas display

That’s it! You can add your cone trees to a fun Christmas village. Or stay on the minimalist side with just a few accessories, like vintage reindeer.

Deer figurines surrounded by pink fabric cone tree Christmas decor

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More Cone Tree Decor Ideas

You can be as creative as you want, using any color of fabric or other materials. I’ve seen people glue hard candies to their cone trees. Or use spray paint and glitter, shiny beads, or little felt leaves.

I had so much fun making these, I decided to use my leftover poster board to make fur cone trees for my grandma.

Fur Cone Trees

To create a fur cone tree, start by making the poster board cone like above. Then cut some fur fabric to wrap around and hot glue to the tree.

The white snowy fur will hide the seams pretty well. Plus, it’s whimsical and fun.

Fur cone tree Christmas decor scene with deer figurines and red truck
Fur cone tree Christmas decor idea with deer figurines

My grandma grew up in Crosby-Ironton, Minnesota, and spent a lot of time on Mille Lacs Lake, so I made a sign to personalize this display.

And the red Christmas truck, reindeer and bottle brush trees are all from Target.

DIY Christmas Decor

So much fun, right?! There are countless ways to make and style a cone tree to fit your Christmas decor.

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Mid-century modern Christmas village house from World Market with Happy Holidays sign

How to make fabric cone trees for a retro Christmas
How to make fabric cone trees

4 thoughts on “How to Make Fabric Cone Trees (in Retro “Pinkmas” Style!)”

  1. Enjoyed the video..very informative and fun! (You make a DIY craft look like something “doable” unlike some DIY videos I’ve watched… 🙂 ) How cute are the little reindeer with the headbands?! The Christmas/winter scene you made for your grandma is whimsical ..I am sure it will bring back memories from her time in Minnesota. Another great H&H Tara!!

    • Haha, I love those cute little reindeer! Thanks! This was definitely a fun and easy DIY. Made me wonder why I didn’t start making these cone trees sooner. 😀 I love how they can fit with any style or color scheme.

      Grandma loved her Minnesota winter scene. She always talks about her Minnesota roots teaching her to prepare for winter! She loves Minnesota. And the cone trees were so much fun to make with fur.

  2. Well, these are just neat looking. I like how they are a fairly simple craft to make. Those cute little reindeer add such a nice touch to the end product. I will have to give this a try and make myself a whole forest of purple fabric cone trees.

    • Thanks Sarah! Yes they were so easy and fun to make. A forest of purple trees will be gorgeous. I bet that could be kept on display year-round, or at least maybe for Halloween as well as Christmas. I’m already thinking some of these pink trees will work for a Valentine’s display, too. 🙂


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