DIY Modern Table Runner Inspired by the Cathrineholm Lotus

Vintage Cathrineholm enamelware is hard to come by, but you can complement your growing collection with DIYs like this felt table runner. It’s customizable to match your favorite CH colors.

I made mine in orange and white to go with my Cathrineholm coffee pot. Plus the fall colors are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Download the lotus stencils and let’s get crafting!

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Cathrineholm Table Runner DIY


  • Felt fabric in your chosen colors
  • Sewing pins
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Lotus stencils, printed on cardstock
  • Sewing machine

Choose Your Table Runner Colors

You can learn all about Cathrineholm here to get color ideas. Most lotus pieces are white with a single color, and some are color on color, like turquoise blue on light blue.

Cathrineholm lotus enamelware collection in mid-century kitchen

When I went shopping, I brought my coffee pot lid to find the best matching orange felt at JoAnn Fabrics. Checking CH pics on your phone will work, too.

Or you might want to venture outside the typical color schemes for a unique look. Check out @vampyrex for rainbow tree skirt inspiration. Major mid-mod eye candy!

Cut the Table Runner

Next, decide how big you want your table runner to be. I made mine 13 x 70 inches to fit my table, with about 11 inches hanging down on each side.

Orange and white lotus table runner with Halloween trees in the background

When choosing the width, consider what size of lotus leaves you’ll be using.

The stencils come in three different sizes, so you can scale down if you want. I used the biggest stencil, about 9 inches tall on my 13-inch table runner.

After deciding on size, mark where you want to cut your table runner.

Measuring felt to cut table runner

The easiest way for me was to fold the fabric in half hot dog style, pin it in place, and draw a pencil line 6.5 inches from the fold. That way when I cut and unfolded it, I was left with a symmetrical 13-inch rectangle.

Cut out the main piece of table runner fabric, along the inside of your pencil mark.

Cut the Lotus Shapes

Now that you have your main table runner, it’s time to make lotus leaves to add that sweet Cathrineholm style.

Printable Cathrineholm-style lotus stencils

Get the stencils here. It’s best to print them out on thick cardstock if you have it.

Cut out the stencil in the size of your choice, and use it to trace several lotus leaves with a pencil on your secondary fabric color.

Tracing lotus shapes on white felt

Then cut out the felt lotus leaves for your table runner, again cutting just inside the pencil mark.

Attach the Lotus Shapes

Finally, attach the lotus leaves to your table runner.

For this step, I set the runner on my dining table to plan out the lotus placement. I spaced mine about 1.5 inches apart from each other, and centered along the width of the table runner, with 2 inches above and below.

Pin the leaves in place, and sew them to the table runner.

For a no-sew option, you could hot glue the lotus leaves, but sewing is better for durability and handwashing. If you do hot glue, you will probably want to just stick to spot cleaning as needed.

And you’re done! Pair it with your favorite Cathrineholm pieces for a dreamy mid-century modern tablescape.

This orange and white table runner is perfect for fall. But the color combos are endless to create a lotus table runner for any time of year.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Modern Table Runner Inspired by the Cathrineholm Lotus”

  1. Wow Tara! You have really gathered some really nice pieces to add to your Catherineholm collection! I love all of them!! ( I feel like I stepped back in time. lol) Your table runner turned out great and it is an awesome compliment to the pieces. (Plus it does look great for this holiday Halloween/Thanksgiving/fall time of year.) The DIY instructions are thorough and I am sure others will want to make a table runner or even placemats or similar to show off their collection. You are a star!!

    • Thanks, Judy! I’ve been busy growing the CH collection, I’m obsessed! I was lucky to find some great deals.

      The orange and white table runner is fun for fall. I made it to work for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. And I could keep it out all year since we have so much orange in this house. 🙂

      Lotus placemats, that’s a great idea! Now that I have the stencils I think I will be looking for more things to make like that. You’re a star, too! <3


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