3 Ways to Create Privacy Around Your Hot Tub

If you have a hot tub, you probably want privacy. Here are some of the best ways to create privacy while maximizing the ambience in your hot tub area.

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Grow Your Own Privacy Wall

One of the most romantic ways to create privacy is to grow a wall of greenery in your landscape design. These plants and shrubs work particularly well for this.

  • Bamboo: Bamboo creates a modern, exotic look. Plant it in a sturdy container or opt for clumping rather than running bamboo so it doesn’t get out of hand.
  • Ornamental Grass: Plant tall ornamental grass to give your backyard a beachy look. There are several eye-catching evergreen grass options. Maidengrass reaches up to eight feet tall.
  • Skip Laurel: This dense evergreen gives you serious privacy. It can be left to grow in a laidback garden or trimmed to your exact tastes for a more formal look. Read all about planting a privacy hedge here.

For my hot tub area, I chose to plant grapes on the sunny south-facing side. Grapes and other climbing vines are good options when you want some privacy but you still want to maintain a partial view.

Grow a wall of grape vines to create hot tub privacy

My grapes block most of my neighbor’s house without blocking the pretty trees, sky and sun or moonlight in the background. They don’t provide as much privacy as the other options above since they go bare in the winter, but they quickly fill back in come spring.

Privacy Grasses and Shrubs

Hang Curtains for Instant Hot Tub Privacy

For a low maintenance option, or for an area where it’s harder to grow plants, you might try outdoor curtains or shades. I use a woven bamboo shade on the shadier east-facing side of my hot tub, where I haven’t been able to get anything to grow.

Hang a privacy shade around your hot tub

Curtains and shades provide instant privacy, and in my case the shade blocks the unattractive compost pile in the distance.

Outdoor Shades and Curtains

Install a Privacy Screen

Another way to add privacy is with a screen. You can build your own or purchase a ready-made outdoor privacy screen to fit your style. These materials look lovely around a hot tub area.

  • Breeze blocks: Modern cement blocks are easy to find at the local hardware and landscaping supply store. You can leave them unpainted for an industrial look, or paint them for a mod look.
  • Wood: It might be a little higher maintenance as you’ll need to stain it periodically, but wood looks attractive in any style of yard.
  • Bamboo: Affordable and dreamy, bamboo works well as a privacy screen, especially if you’re going for a tiki theme.

Enjoying Hot Tub Privacy

Using landscaping to create privacy around your hot tub

Once you get your hot tub privacy in place, grab a sippy cup of wine and relax!

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  1. I love your hot tub set-up! It’s so cozy and inviting….love your wine sippy cup too! opting for the grapevine and bamboo curtain works great!!


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