DIY Christmas Table Runner With Vintage Holiday Stencils

“Pinkmas” is back at the Besore house! I made a pink Christmas table runner covered in mid-century shapes, including felt ornaments and boomerangs.

It’s easy to make a felt table runner in any color combo you like. Download my Christmas stencils to get started.

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DIY Christmas Table Runners


  • Felt fabric in your favorite holiday colors (I chose a pink table runner with white glitter Christmas shapes)
  • Sewing pins
  • Ruler or tape measure (as needed to measure your table runner size)
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Stencils printed on cardstock
  • Sewing machine or hot glue gun

1. Cut the Christmas Table Runner

Start by cutting the table runner out of your main felt fabric in the size that works best for your table.

I like to have 10–12 inches hanging over the sides of the table, so I made my runner about 6 feet long by 13 inches wide. Jo-Ann Fabrics has felt that comes in 6-foot widths, which is perfect for this.

Retro felt table linens for holiday decor

It helps to use another table runner as a template to trace and cut the new one. You can also fold the felt in half (hot-dog style) to get an even cut, like I did with my lotus runner last year.

2. Cut the Retro Christmas Shapes

Now cut out your favorite Christmas stencils, or make your own by printing or drawing whimsical shapes on cardstock.

Download retro Christmas and holiday stencils including a tree, snowman, mod cat, ornaments, star and boomerang

Download the Stencils

Trace around the stencils on your secondary felt fabric. Then cut enough felt shapes to fill your table runner as desired. I ended up using 26 shapes.

3. Attach the Christmas Shapes

Next you can arrange the Christmas shapes on your table runner and pin them in place.

I went with a random arrangement, which is easier than the very symmetrical style I did with my lotus runner before.

Arranging shapes on felt table runners - one in retro holiday style and one for a Disney-themed Christmas

My sister Lauren made a red table runner with black mice for her Disney Christmas.

When you’re happy with the arrangement, sew or hot glue the shapes in place.

My sister Lauren sewing for the first time!
Here’s Lauren making her table runner, and sewing for the first time!

Sew or No-Sew? Both versions look great! Sewing gives you a charming seam detail, and it’s easier to wash because you don’t have to worry about damaging the glue. On the other hand, hot glue is faster and gives you a seamless look. If you glue, just be sure to only spot clean your finished table runner, and don’t put anything too hot on it that might melt the glue.

Ironing Your Felt Table Runner

I learned the hard way that super hot temperatures can start to melt and shrink felt.

Felt Christmas table runner in pink with white glitter holiday shapes

If you want to iron your felt table runner, be extra careful. Try ironing a test scrap of felt fabric to get the temperature right first.

I ironed these table runners on a low synthetic fabric setting, and it worked well.

Styling Your Christmas Table Runner

You could try a variety of colors and shapes to get the Christmas style you love, whether you go with a classic red and green combo or a vintage pastel look.

Pink and white retro table runner with Christmas shapes and a colorful ornament tree

I chose pink and white to complement the pink Christmas village in my dining room.

Fabric stores have lots of felt colors to choose from. Have fun!

Pink Christmas felt table runner with fun shapes
Retro Christmas table runner with festive felt shapes

2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Table Runner With Vintage Holiday Stencils”

  1. You and Lauren look to be having a great time making the table runners! (they both turned out great!) Such an awesome idea to use for making the table runners for any time/holidays of the year. (Love your CH one too!) Just imagine you could do a spring one with flowers, a summer one with fireworks, etc. It was cool you guys got to spend time together and share fun and laughs and create this great DIY project! Another awesome H & H Tara!!

    • Thanks, Judy! We had so much fun. I could definitely see making some more felt table runners and other felt crafts for different holidays. I love working with felt, and I’m starting to build up a big stock of scrap fabric I need to use!


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