The Whimsical Birdhouse Village Your Yard Needs Right Now

Want to make your yard a little more magical? Bring on the birds. You can call attention to your backyard trees by adding a collection of colorful birdhouses. If you’re lucky, a feathered family will move in and start singing to you.

Follow this easy tutorial to display a collection of Scandinavian style birdhouses in your favorite home decor colors.

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Pink chalet birdhouse hanging in tree

Creating a Birdhouse Village


Find the Perfect Birdhouses

I adore this chalet style birdhouse. It’s perfect for mid-century modern, storybook and Scandinavian decor styles.

For more of a boho look, you could collect an assortment of thrifted birdhouses. I wanted to keep it streamlined, so I bought three matching chalets.

Scandi chalet style birdhouses ready for paint

Paint Them in Your Favorite House Colors

If you’ve been wondering what to do with all of your extra house paint, here’s the answer. Use your favorite colors from inside your home to paint birdhouses.

Having your interior paint colors repeated in your yard gives a cohesive feel to your decor. I love this effect.

Modern birdhouse painted in Mint Glamour

You can paint them all a different siding color with matching roofs like I did, or mix and match the roofs, too. I used Pratt & Lambert Mint Glamour, Bee’s Knees and Flushed Cheeks, with Benjamin Moore Fallen Timber for the roofs.

Some bird species may avoid bright or non-natural colors, so keep that in mind when choosing your paints.

The chalets have wire hangers that you can unscrew and remove before you paint so you can coat the whole birdhouse. Use the painter’s tape to protect the roof when you’re painting the siding, and vice versa. Give your birdhouses three coats of paint, letting them dry between coats.

Modern chalet birdhouses painted Flushed Cheeks pink and Bee's Knees yellow

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Seal the Paint

Spray your birdhouses with two coats of clear top coat spray paint. The top coat protects your interior paint from weather damage.

My birdhouses have been sitting outside in the PNW rain, snow and sun for three years now. The paint still looks fresh.

Birdhouse village seen from the kitchen window on a snowy day
Birdhouses seen from the kitchen window on a snowy day.

Display Your Scandi Birdhouse Village

Finally hang those lovely birdhouses up in your yard. You can split them up across multiple trees or stagger a few on one tree. And try to put them somewhere that you can see them often from inside the house.

Mine can be seen from the kitchen, office and multiple bedrooms. It’s nice to have a view when you’re doing the dishes.

12 thoughts on “The Whimsical Birdhouse Village Your Yard Needs Right Now”

  1. Love your birdhouses!! We were visiting that summer when you were painting them. What type of “renters” ( come to live in your little chalets? I am sure they appreciate you providing little homes for them.

  2. Aww I love this idea! I definitely love bird watching! My family has a home in NH and we have one bird house there. We should put up more! The birds would love it and so would the squirrels and chipmunks! 😉

    Loved this sweet post!

    • Thanks Lauren! I think birdhouses are one of those things where more is more…they are so fun in groups and you can add a bunch of different styles. Keep the squirrels happy. 😀

  3. These birdhouses look adorable! I think we should start looking into getting one or more set up in our garden again as well.

    Laura //

  4. Oh my gosh! I love these birdhouses! How sweet. We live on 2.5 acres, and we have tons of live oak trees. I can definitely picture our birds loving these. Our cats would equally love watching them in the windows. I really want to make butterfly homes too. Have you ever tried the butterfly homes?

    • Thanks Christine! Wow, 2.5 acres, how cool! A group of birdhouses would look great in your oak forest. I haven’t tried butterfly homes yet but I love that idea. Sometimes I see them hanging out around my daisies. Would love to attract more butterflies!


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